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Why did u use ur screen name?


Senior Member
Feb 24, 2005
I used Mr.Mayo because...... Mr pockets was going to be my orgainal *new* name. but we where talking about mayo one day on my old file. ( Mr pokemon098 i made some wicked sigs on this one) Well i thought of the name. Used it in Ac once and it stuck
because when I signed up I just wanted to get the collecters disk for LoZ and I didn't really think that much about my SN
My brother made it up as my nick name, and from then on its been my nickname and my USR name on every forum.
i dont want to talk about it


acually its not sad at all... i just had it "Piranha" because they are pretty... then it was taken (by nobody i might add) so i stuck a 2 at the end... just for good measure.

now i wish i could change it...
Here we go again with another explanation of the Bulerias -

The Bulerias is a form of flamenco (we all know what that is now. ;)), and it's the most popular form. Since I love flamenco, I used the most popular form of it.