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Pokémon Which Pokémon Would You Have As Pets?


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Apr 16, 2015
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Hypothetically, if you were able to have a Pokémon or a few Pokémon as housepets, which would you choose? This isn't really factoring in battle prowess or favorites, though if you have favorites that you think would make for a good pet, feel free.

I have a few in mind that I think I'd like to have as pets.

Birds are my favorite types of animals, and I've long wanted to befriend crows and ravens, so I think having a Murkrow as a pet would be pretty neat. It's also nocturnal, which works for me since I'm more nocturnal myself. As birds go, Rowlet also seems like a good candidate for a pet for me; it's also nocturnal and it's a precious, adorable borb. I'd probably only pick one or the other though.

I'd think I'd also be interested in a cat Pokémon, and my preference would be either Litten or Glameow (or both). Litten because, while I've never owned a cat before, I'd be interested in getting a black cat if I ever do; that said, hopefully it wouldn't ever evolve into Torracat because Torracat has that flame collar, which seems like a safety hazard. Meanwhile, I always liked Glameow's design, and if it ever somehow evolved into Purugly, it would be a great big floof. Glameow gets bonus points because it learns Hypnosis because sometimes I have trouble getting to sleep, especially before big events, and it would be nice to have something that could just knock me out and help me get some sleep. I've heard some cats wake up their owners sometimes too, so hey, it's a pet, a sleep aid and an alarm clock all in one.
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Definitely bulbasaur! Bulbasaur reminds me of a reptile so I think Bulbasaur would make a great pet. : ) or Politoed! : D frogs make good pets sometimes
I may also suggest for meowth or poochyena for cat and dog lovers!
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Also, interestly you mention black cats, I have a cat at home who's a black cat with white on some parts. : ) he's a very sweet cat and oddly social and talkative for a cat for some reason (I love him)
Whimsicott would be nice since they're small and fluffy. They're also a grass-type, which would be good for indoor spaces and such. Another pick is Skitty since.. well, they're a kitty! I'm used to having cats as a pet, so skitty (or shinx) would be the most familiar to me.
An odd choice, but Magnemite would be a Pokemon I would love to have as a pet! It's so cute!!! I'm not sure how cleaning, feeding, and toilet duty would work out.. but they're so cute so I dont mind!!
I think that this is a very interesting question and thought process, because the Pokemon that I might most want as a pet is not necessarily going to be my favorite Pokemon in general. Kind of like the OP, I am a night person who has always wanted to befriend a bird (although in my case, my preferred type would be a bird of prey), so I think I would choose a Noctowl. As an added bonus, having a big flying Pokemon to ride on would be fantastic (if maybe a little scary for me personally).
Umbreon, Vulpix, or Houndoom. They are dog like in my mind.
Realistically probably Vulpix. For me to have an umbreon I feel like you would have to get an Eevee when you were under 5 years old to get that friendship up. Plus since Vulpix is a fire type, its warm body would help my legs and should still be something I can pick up. I guess you'd have to account for fire hazards in the house or apartment. How many apartment buildings would forbid fire pokemon?

I think if pokemon were real, unless you were a trainer or in certain professions, I think the average civilian would only be able to have a few types, normal being the most common and most commonly bred.
I haven't played a lot of Pokemon but Bulbasaur has always been my favourite and I think he would be a really cute pet.
I think Buizel would make an incredible pet, especially after seeing him in the Manaphy movie where he was a pet. I might be a bit biased though, considering how much I love Buizel. But honestly, if I could have a pet Buizel I would never need anything else in my life ever again!
It’s a tough choice, but I’d say Espeon and/or Fidough because they remind me of my own cat and dog lol. I’d also have an Azurill to spice things up.

I love Snorlax and Psyduck, as well as the fairy and ghost types, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable having them as pets.
A sylveon and a togekiss (well, if I had the space for a togekiss.

Sylveon is an obvious answer because it’s my favorite pokémon. It’s soft, cute pretty, friendly, and has the traits of a cat, dog, bunny, and fox all in one.

Togekiss is also very soft and kind plus it’s rideable (I’d probably be too scared to fly high) but maybe it could fly me around very low. It’s fairly big too and great for cuddles plus it provides extra happiness ^^
I would have Arceus as my pet, and be able to rewrite things and just generally control life itself.

Nah, in all seriousness probably a Riolu. They're really, really adorable, and they evolve into my favorite Pokemon.
I’d want a Stoutland because they are loyal dogs and ****ing adorable.
Can't believe someone else already said this? I LOVE Stoutland, one of my favorite designs ever. I had a Stoutland in Pokemon Black 2 and she was an absolute TANK, with the most glorious flowing mustache. 10/10. Would make a great pet.

Other good choices would be a Serperior, an Ampharos (my favorite Pokemon--so huggable) and a Quilava, provided it was able to keep the flames under control.