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Which Online game Interests you the least?


Senior Member
Jul 1, 2005
I was just wondering. My rank doesn't allow for polls, so I thought I'd just do this. Your choices are...

Mario Kart DS (MKDS)
Tony Hawks American Wasteland (THAW)
Animal Crossing DS (ACDS)

MKDS interests me the least. With ACDS, your able to socialize with others; visit their towns; and have alot more interaction than the original AC. With THAW, Skate crews bring out alot of interaction and fun, something that either of the originals could never do. With MKDS...
:yawn: ... We get to have 8 player races. that's it. That barley adds anything to the experiance.

Anyway, which Online game (Out by years end) Interests you the least? Post your thoughts.
Note to Nintendo:
Don't release THAW Until 5 years!
NEVER release it!
Tony Hawk games have died... they don't interest me anymore.

Tony Hawk game have died... they don't interest me anymore.

Same here!
so... 2 people said THAW, and 2 People (including myself) said MKDS. Also, I see no ones explaination is as good as mine.

S said:
I really want AC DS, and Mario Kart DS would be fun... racing against someone in Minnesota.
So... I assume that means you say THAW?

Justin125 said:
Tony Hawk game have died... they don't interest me anymore.

Same here!


For me, it's different. MK games don't interest me anymore. I had the original one (it was Ok, It was my 5th SNES game, with 3 of the games being DKC, DKC2 and DKC3.), when I got a N64 in 1998, MK64 came with the system. I didn't realy like it that much. I later got better racing games for that system, such as SW:E1R, EB64, and DKR. I enjoyed them much more (especialy SW:E1R). As for TH, it has always been fun. I bought THPS3, then THAW and THAW2. They were great games. And since the DS version is online, I can only amagine all the multiplayer potential

^_^ ... MK... Multiplayer potential of a 8 player race... we already have Com players doing that

:eek: ... it is't like THAW's or MKDS's multiplayer could be done by a computer player, is it?
im interested in Animal Crossing the most, Mario kart second, and Tony Hawk im not even putting on the list.... sure, the game was alright... but i didn't really like it.... not too much replay value... and im not into skating...