which new leaf collectibles do you have your eye on for this event?

farewell to new leaf collectibles

  • perfect fruit

    Votes: 16 30.8%
  • tropical fruit

    Votes: 17 32.7%
  • pink hammer

    Votes: 6 11.5%
  • regular toy hammer

    Votes: 6 11.5%
  • heart balloon

    Votes: 20 38.5%
  • bunny balloon

    Votes: 32 61.5%
  • new balloon

    Votes: 25 48.1%
  • classic balloon

    Votes: 5 9.6%
  • isabelle

    Votes: 2 3.8%
  • new leaf token

    Votes: 15 28.8%

  • Total voters


only half awake
Jul 20, 2013
Sweet Heart Balloon
Sweet Bunny Balloon
Heart Glow Wand
Sweet Feather
Fresh Feather
i don't think anyone has made this post yet, so in honour of a new event bringing a whole tidal wave of new collectibles - which ones are you saving up your tokens and silver for?

personally, I desperately want some heart and bunny balloons! that sweet colour variation is calling my name but I don't think the rng gods are going to be on my side for that one. the new balloons are quite sweet too!
Gonna post this here too, the ultimate fruit lineup in my eyes!
I haven’t done any sort of math to see how much overall currency I’ll be able to get, but I’d definitely like to get as many Heart/Bunny Balloons as possible. I especially want the Sweet colors for them so the “random colors” thing is a bit of a bummer, but maybe I’ll get lucky? I’m also interested in getting the Pink Toy Hammer, and hopefully a regular Toy Hammer to go with it. I traded my Toy Hammer a long time ago and I’ve sort of missed it, and now that there’s an accompanying version I feel like I can make more lineups with it. There’s an overwhelming amount of new collectibles for this event, definitely wasn’t expecting quite this much!
I have my heart set on the new regular balloons. What I want most is a pink balloon so I can add it to the pink + green dream lineup I'm creating. But I'd like to get yellow and purple as well so I can make a balloon rainbow.
I’m gonna try to get my perfect apple and a few of the bunny and heart balloons. I kinda wish I could just get the colors of the balloons I want, but I’ll definitely keep my fingers crossed I’ll get some of the ones I would like.
Realistically, everything. But mostly the regular Toy Hammer, I never got one before and now I can technically get one for free!
Bunny balloons for sure!! Having some of the tropical fruits would be nice too. I'm aiming to get a banana from someone lol.
i personally havent made lineups yet, but on first glace i really love the new balloons + the bunny balloons!! i love all the colors of the new balloons, plus bunny balloons are always just the cutest ;w;
All of them are great, but I'm especially looking forward to getting my hands on the pink hammer and heart balloons. I really want to see what the new balloon colors are coming from the silver collecting event milestones too! I'm sure I'll pick one of those up too since they're cheaper.
I've got my eye on all of the new OG Balloon shapes, the Bunny balloons, perfect fruit and some of the tropical fruits!
I would like a yellow regular balloon but i really would like the blue and green heart balloons
I wanna get the whole rainbow of bunny balloons but I don't think that's possible so imma try and get as many colours as possible. The yellow one is most important though.
I really like the trans colorway balloons. Petition to change "sweet" to "trans" when?/hj
Gonna post this here too, the ultimate fruit lineup in my eyes!
View attachment 540310
This looks so good!!! I was planning on doing something similar but with different fruits. I hope you're able to achieve this amazing lineup!

Besides the fruit, I just want a red heart balloon. Maybe if I go crazy I'll do a lineup of heart balloons in my favorite colors, but I feel like I'm already going to have quite a bit of work getting my fruits lined up perfectly.
I messaged a user offering my orange balloon, but they haven't responded after I sent the date. I've got some users offering to help, but none of them have lychee. Which seems to be the most rare fruit in this event.
I'm interested in all of the new colors of the classic style balloons. I'm also kind of interested in Perfect Apples and Bananas but I don't know if I'll try to get them because it seems like it might be a bit of a pain to try to trade the fruits.

Honorable mention to the Sweet version of the Heart Balloon. I'm absolutely not lucky enough to get that but I love how it looks.
I want all the fruits! I haven't figured out how many coupons I should be able to get but with whatever's left I'd like to get the classic balloon colors I don't have yet (orange and the blues) and with my silver I'll probably go for the og balloon shapes in the new colors and as many bunny balloons as possible.