Which egg(s) are you going for?

Which egg(s) are you going for?

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My Plan A is to go for the Aurora Egg and Zen Egg! Even with the egg decorating contest though, that's still reliant on me doing very well in this hunt. If I can't earn enough for those, I'm hoping to get the Galaxy egg instead! 🤞
None of the above, I'm going for a Yoshi Egg (which I just bought!) and a Splat Egg. If I solve enough clues to buy additional eggs, I have no idea what I'll get.
I'm going for the Zen Easter Egg! It's really nice and would pair well with some of my other collectibles. c:

That being said, I'm not sure if I'd be able to get it with how poorly I'm doing in this egg hunt.
Aurora egg!! I actually have enough currency to get it now (!!!!), but I’m waiting to buy it at a specific time tonight! The aurora egg has been my second biggest collectible dream after the crescent-moon glow wand for 4 years, I can’t believe that I’ll finally have one in my inventory tonight!!!? 😭🫶🏻

If I’m miraculously able to earn enough currency for another 16 eggs egg, I might try to see if anyone would be willing to trade a nightmare egg for an aurora. If not, maybe I’ll just get a second aurora egg for myself. If I don’t have enough currency for that (which is likely lol), I’ll probably go with a zen or chao egg, or try to trade for a pastel disco ball egg!
I'd love to get an aroura egg! But I'd also be happy with a chao egg instead- it's been extra hard to find eggs this year and I'm not sure if I'll make it to 16.
Ideally, I'd love to acquire the Galaxy Easter Egg. Don't know if I can pull it off though.

Failing that, I'd aim for some combination of Zen Easter Egg, Chao Easter Egg, Eevee Easter Egg, and/or Sakura Easter Egg.
None of my favorites are the higher-priced eggs, actually. I like the ones that are game references—Yoshi egg, Pikachu egg, and chao egg. Plus the ladybug and fossil eggs. I think the glitched egg is a fun design as well.

Alternatively, I may try to trade one expensive egg for another rare collectible.
I’m going for the galaxy egg if possible 🙂. If I have enough, I want get a stardust egg and/or a froggy egg too.
really want dreamy egg but i dont think i'll be able to find enough eggs :')
I already got my Dragonscale Egg for my Chinese Dragon. I'll try for the Nightmare Egg but if not then I'll get the Dark egg.
Here in the future. I ended up getting the Disco Ball Egg instead since I managed to get 20 eggs. Nightmare is nice but Disco just has a shine to it that I like better. Never thought I would end up getting both Dragonscale and Disco together. Now I have!
I am going for the dreamy egg I have always wanted it and it was going to be the next collectable I work for.
I'm still not sure 😭 Disco Egg is so beautiful and vibrant, but Aurora Egg is very Bob Ross...

or I could get more Junimo and Crescent Moon eggs...

but I also love the Sweetheart egg..

And then theres Pastel Disco Egg.. I'm very indecisive
Originally voted for Galaxy but I changed my mind. It’s still pretty but actually overrated now that I think about it. After looking more closely at the eggs for their design and not their value/rarity the Stardust Egg speaks to me so much more.

After that my remaining currency will be to trade to other people. :)
I can't decide! 😭

I was thinking dreamy and nightmare. But I also like prismatic and disco. I'm actually having a lot of trouble deciding.
My main goal was the stardust egg, which I did get, but I did get the baby chick easter egg too and a classic egg if you count the old egg as well. The colors are so nice on all three. 🙂
definitely my goal was to obtain a dreamy egg (which i did achieve!) and maybe a galaxy egg if i decide to trade for one. otherwise i'm pretty happy with what i managed to get this egg hunt. looking forward to next year's!