What things in AC make you sad?

Both MDS and PMS are sad but for me its annoying animals that say I have a task for you ha ha no I dont arent I funny GGRRRRRRR!!!!!!! not funny.that happend to me 5 times and I need money and/or items.
beakmanthegreat said:
i get sad when people say there moving away...
me too... i was gone while snake moved for me... : (

but the big thing that makes me sad, is people using Universal Codes...
When your favorite neighbors move out and ugly, unwanted, and super hate-able neighbors move in.
My sad stuff in Animal Crossing is that sometime when I ask Lets chat and they say *hey did you get fatter* and I said what its up to ya and he said ha ha (my name) is sad (my name) is on the lose!