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What system do you think AC 2 wil be on?

Probably on the Revolution, and it is the codename for the next Nintendo system. Actually I think they should keep that name:).
I would have to say the revolution since... well I really don't know why.
I said both the revolution and AC DS is AC 2. There will be an AC 3 for the REvolution, and AC DS is Animal Crossing 2.
I'm not sure if AC really has sequels... but wow this topic is pretty old.
Bulerias said:
BASTOISE99 said:
everyone has an opiion, bastoise.
I believe he bumped caps lock because the "i" is lowercase. :lol:

edit: oh... someone voted in the thread which bumped it.
The revolution is now the "Wii", silly.


I think the Rev would have one, I mean, if there WAS a sequel. They'll prolly just make it like any old animal crossing, it doesn't have much of a storyline, does it? o_O
Actaully yah... this topic is old, so I will just lock it. *locked*