What do you think of this avatar I put together?

Nope. I need my guitar hands to stay in one piece. One broken hand, and I won't be able to play guitar.
Well I run alot! I am playing talckel in the fall, I will play for my schools soccer team next year sense I am friends with the coach. And I am very good at wresteling.
One of four rearmost molars on each side of the upper and lower jaw in humans. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, typically in early adulthood.

The background was made by PIKMIN042 I didn't see why I would need his permission since I baught them from him.
The problem with avatars is that they always look bad. <_< What's it say in the top-left?
BAMBAM! said:
It does, and I don't want poeple to read it. It would ruin it. It is like a copyright mark in a way.
JJ's right, it's not a copryrighted mark, that's for text. Also, you need to apply for a trademark. Just put a watermark on there like i do.