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What a Lucky Day!


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Jul 6, 2005
I was playing animal crossing, and my turnips were 956 (or something like that) bells! I immetiatly put in the 100 turnip code. (Yeah, I cheat) I'm now a millionaire in my town! Then, my sister wanted to play, and she went to her town, where turnips were selling for 1,027 bells! WOW! When she was going to the post office, in her lake, she saw a fish, and it was a Giant Snakehead! Then she got a shiny statue of herself using the codes. A pretty good day in AC today, even though it's a thunderstorm!

What are some lucky days you've had?
Ok. Here's mine:

I was walking near the shore (where Captin' docks his boat) and I saw a fish.
A LARGE fish. I caught it and it was a Colecath. (Forgot how to spell it.)
That's it... Lol. OH YEAH! One day, Blanca visited my town and now she visits every day!
well... im not going to really call it lucky... but i've caught 5 banded dragonflies in 1 day


what a day...

and i've done stuff like that before... alot... like catching a bunch of rare fish... nothing for money really... just fun

I'd say the luckiest day in AC was when I caught 7 coleacants, a giant catfish, and 2 arowana, all in the same night. Along with a lot of red snappers and barred knifes.
Just so you know, when he buys high, he buys for 8x what Joan sold that week. It happens about once every 3 weeks there is a "Spike" in the stalk market.

My lucky day was yesterday.

I filled up with 15 Red Snappers, sold them, came back, caught 3 Arawonas (Dragon fish) went to the waterfall, caught 7 GIANTCATFISH. and sold them


It (was) my lucky day
my lucky day was when i could sell my main fruit ( oranges) for 500 and my scarce fruit for 1500 and i was like stocked up on them it was crazy cuz my whole place has like 20 trees in each acre
and then i caught 6 red snappers and 2 giant catfish and 2 bared kifejaw
yay the day i post i didnt have a lucky day i get one!
I didn't realize that turnips could sell for more than 1,000 bells! My luckiest day was when I saw the giant whale fish thing in the ocean while Kapp'n was bringing me to the island.