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Jun 6, 2010
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Hey everyone. I'm not one for great stories, though I do like to write one. And due to it being summer, I thought I might start a new one. Now if any of you did like my previous stories, do pm me and I'll try and continue them, coz as it is, they seem a bit pointless.
But alas, no matter what happens to this story, if it is neglected or admired. It will be continued.
So here it is. My new story._________________________________________________


Jordan stood there. His face mirrored in the window, as he looked out into the night sky. The stars were shining brightly, and the moon was full, casting a glorious light onto the field in front of his house. His eyes stared at the beautiful view, and he marvelled at the beauty hidden in the darkness. Eventually, he tore himself from the window and jumped back into bed. He looked at his clock to see it was 3am, and Jordan knew he would be tired the next day. He picked up his phone and stuck the head phones in, flickering through the songs, he eventually found one he liked. As he laid down his head on the pillow, music flowed into his head, and Jordan gave into the temptation of sleep.

The next day, Jordan stirred in his bed and took the headphones out of his ears. Looking at his clock, he saw it was 11am and he knew there was not much point in going downstairs for breakfast. He opened his window to let some air in, and headed to the bathroom as he put his glasses on. He followed his usual routine of brushing his teeth, having a wash and eventually he was ready to get dressed. It was a hot day in Jordan's village, and it wasn't likely it was going to cool down as it was summer. He rummaged through his wardrobe and chose a light blue t-shirt and brown shorts. He quickly brushed his hair across and noted to himself how he would need to get a hair cut soon. As he finished, he collapsed back onto his bed and stretched as the last remnants of sleep wore off. He looked at his phone to see he had a new text. Choosing not to open it, Jordan put his phone back down on the side, he got back up and opened his door. He needed a drink_________________________________________________

Well that's it. The Prologue of my new story. Hope ya liked it and keep an eye out for the next part.
how many stories do you have?

You make a prolouge and it seems you just leave it.
I have 3 on here. Shadows, Light and Dark, and now this. and yeah most, of the time, it is just me doing a prologue and such. but i lose all creative inspiration mostly. so...

And also, jimmy balsar, grow up. You sound like a complete noob and someone who really can't give any helpful comments. So why bother wasting people's time.