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Themed Restaurants

I remember going to a place called Ed Debevic's here in Phoenix.It was a retro 50's styled diner with basic diner grub like burgers and meatloaf.The servers were deliberately rude.Our server introduced himself as "Booger" and every time we asked for something he'd roll his eyes or sigh heavily.It was part of his schtick and it was fun.The servers would also jump up on the counters and dance to old 50's tunes.It had a fun atmosphere but closed about 20 years ago.
I found a lion king themed restaurant, but it's in Hull.

It looks like an abandoned restaurant. Is this what it really was supposed to look like, or has it been defunct?

By the way, that restaurant looks awfully small.
That's an AI generated image thankfully

Anyway I've been to the Hardrock Café a bunch! My parents love that place lmao. Also used to go to the Rainforest Café as a kid.. There was a Karen's Diner in my area but I never got around to going there.. not sure I wanted to, their whole gimmick is the waitresses being really mean and they apparently took it too far and got sued or something?? Themed restaurants can be fun but I feel like the food quality tends to take a hit for some reason in those kinds of places
it kinda depends! i've been to bad ones and i've been to good ones. i like the idea but i'm not into a ton of them to begin with, rainforest cafe is unappealing to me. depends on the theme for me. i've been to an adorable 50s themed diner somewhere near me (closed recently, i think, owners retired) and that was so cute. the waitresses were on skates and they had milkshakes with adorable straws. wasn't even that expensive. i miss it T_T

the hello kitty cafe has a mobile truck that sells sweets across the USA and i LOVE it. i plan on going to it again when it's here this summer.


japan has a ton of themed restaurants that seem soooo cute. like kirby, pikmin, disney, pokemon etc... id love to go. theyre apparently not too expensive.


Eh i'm more interested in the ones from Japan honestly, a kirby cafe sure but a sanrio one eh forget it can't really say i was ever fond of it otherwise yeah sure a vk cafe i think would be interested lol.
I think they can be good, as long as they aren’t too loud and the food is good.

As for restaurants…Pizza Ranch, maybe?? I think it’s only in the Midwest.
It reminds me of that one guy in “The Weekenders” who always owned a different themed pizza place (Space Pizza, Circus Pizza, etc.). The main characters would eat in a different one each episode, I think.

Casa Bonita certainly has a…theme. My dad recalled eating there as a kid.

Johnny Rockets is a vintage/1950s’ diner-themed chain.

There’s also a place in Chicago called Wiener’s Circle where the theme is that the staff yell insults at you lol. There are some other tourist-y restaurants like that, like Karen’s Diner.
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I've been to this one place that had a yellow airplane on it as a kid .. let me Google it's name...
Loon Lake Lodge.
I remember some robotic little animals and a lot of fake plants in there.
Is this themed enough?
My parents took me there a couple of times when I was really small for my birthday because I liked the plane on the roof.
I don't care much for themed stuff if I'm going some place for food. I just want the food to be yummy. So I don't really seek places out like that.
I've also been to the Hard Rock Cafe and Ford's Garage via meeting others there. Not by picking it myself to randomly go or anything.
One time I traveled to a mall in another state and ate at a Rainforest cafe. I thought the interior was cool as a kid, but now I’d probably think it’s tacky. The food was pretty meh.