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The Random Story Game!


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Dec 2, 2004
Ok, here's how it works. You start with a three-sentenced part of a story, and another person continues it, also writing three sentences. This is sorta like the Three-Word-Story, only this isn't considered as spam. And remember; try and make this random1
Once upon a time there were four badgers. Coco, dodo, momo, and susan. They went out for a walk.....

( You said random

:p )
Then came a angry wolf! GRRRR he said. Coco, dodo, momo, and susan decided to give him cookies that they were carrying.
The wolf said, "Why Thankyou." The five of them then had a tea party. They asked the wolf what his name was....
The wolf replied, "My name is Humuhumunukunukuappuapa, and I love to drink wooden objects." The badgers yelled, "Hooray!" They drank wooden objects until thier belly was full.
The badgers said "so you have two names....?" That sounds a little sketchy to us.... We don't understand...
The badgers said "so you have two names....?" That sounds a little sketchy to us.... We don't understand...
The first one is on normal days. the second one is for when I eat meat. Like you. :evillaugh:
Please follow the game rules PoD. Look above.


But they relized that it was just a nightmear because they all fell asleep. BUT momo and the wolf were gone! Where were they?
Thne the Men in Black poped out of dodo's hat. "Here you go" Obi Wan Von Toothpaste: "Thanks"
The badgers, which some how turned into pigs... decided to build houses now that they were filled up. The first pig said "I'll build my house out of straws". The second pig said "I'll build my house out of hotdogs."

(third pig next)
then, there was a hurrican, and since the figure weren't fully articulated, the house collapsed.
since the smart tech action figures were made with cheap materials they started to get musty, so all of the pokemon started eating the action figures.