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Jul 21, 2020
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Hi everyone💕
I decided to start this game because I was inspired by this thread:

How to play:

Use a random word generator to generate a word, and use that word to start or continue the story already started.
The story ends when a player uses a word to reach an ending.

You can use the words in both plural and singular, and your comments can be as long as you want!

Random word generator:


First player:
As everyone knows, the most feared enemy of vampires is garlic, and this is why the vampire Agilulf decided to produce the first vaccine against garlic in history!

Generated word: enemy

Second player: But to produce an excellent vaccine he needed excellent collaborators, so he decided to offer a promotion to the best worker of the month!
To fight against garlic this and more.

Generated word: worker

Third player: Unfortunately during the experimentation period there was garlic poisoning throughout the laboratory due to Agilulf's incompetence, and therefore the fight against garlic would last for many centuries to come.

The End

Generated word: century

Fourth player: *new story*

And so on...

I saw this game for the first time on YouTube and it was really fun for me!
I love stories, and I love bizarre stories even more✨

Alright, let the stories begin💖
A lonely teenager named Mirabeau Douglas decided that he wanted to interact with others online to be able to interact with other people, even if these interactions were not in the flesh. He then looked at a few sites before ultimately coming to his conclusion on which to use based on his own preferences on what each site matched his interests the closest.

Generated word: site
A particular website that caught his eye was called “Forum Crossing,” an Internet forum dedicated to one of Mirabeau’s favorite games, Animal Crossing. He looked through some of the threads and saw that the people there were civil and some even shared a few things he had in common with them, especially his loneliness. Maybe he can make some associations with them.

Generated word: association