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The Foreigners...


total a-hole
Jun 19, 2005
So... Yes, at the NSider and TBT, we all know the local AC/DS buisnesses:

The Bell Guard, Z and F, Bell River, etc.
(Notice I didn't write my own company...:))

But, that got me wondering:
There ARE others out there...

Which makes me come to here. I will write about the other AC/DS companies found at GameFaqs, and IGN, the other two that have AC/DS boards.

So, now... Without further adu... I present to you:

<big><big><big><big><big>The Foreigners</big></big></big>


Ah... The hectic, busy, but not so busy boards of IGN. This is where I begin my journey. Hm... The first page. I see nothing. Just a word game and a few help threads. Onto the second page... Argh! Still nothing. Same with the third page!

I wonder:

Does IGN have a low population of AC/DS companies, or is it just me?

I had alot of thread-trecking ahead of me.
Darnit! 4,5,6,7. Nothing but spam, and questions.
(Note I am writing this as I go along...)
Hmm... Starting to get bored... Ok, I check the Animal Crossing FAQ to see any info there... Ugh... Just a bunch of crap I don't need. Ok, youknow what? After getting to page 20, I say: "$cr3w this. Im going to GameFaqs."

Which ends part 1 of IGN's journey. Part 2 after part 1 of Game Faqs.

IGN Part 1 Summary:

OMG. IGN, dang you! No clans, no companies, nothing!
I award you for part 1 the: 'Nothing' award...

Game Faqs:

Ok... Game Faqs. The: 'J00 1z t3h n00bzzz!!!11!' boards. These looked a bit more promising to me.

WOW! As I go into the first page, I am hit with a bunch of clans.

Here are some clans at the GameFaqs boards...:

Remember, this is page 1, and these are just some that looked like they were on the right track...

Shy Guy Clan
Description and Rate:
Hmmm.... Not the most ORGANIZED or PRETTY clan....
But, people are recognizing it regardless of look.
Last time I checked, 35 pages. That's pretty good, I say.

Look: 1/5
More color and things needed.

Activeness: 4/5
Very good. Losts of people talking, maybe some is spam, but w/e.

Organization: 2/5
Well, at first glance, they look horrible. But they seem to have everything going fairly smoothly.

Overall: 3/5
Looks fairly nice. With some more neatness, they could have had a 4!

COMPANY: Silver Corporations & Banking

Ok, so yeah, this isn't a clan, but I couldn't resist!
Ok, so I did try a bank at NSider, but it flopped.
But, here at GF, it seemed to be going quite well.
This is his second try at a bank, obviously...


Look: 3/5
Yeah, it is pretty easy to find things. Not to much bold, color, etc though.

Activeness: 1/5
Not very good. 7 pages when I checked. Needs more activeness, deffinetly.

Organization: 5/5
Very good. Everything seems to be in order. Although this isn;t very popular, it makes it easier.

Overall: 2/5
I give it the 2 because of the flaws of running a bank in AC/DS.
Otherwise, it's a 4.

Retro Nintendo Clan

Hmm... Ok... A Retro Nintendo clan. Original. The front page STINKS though.
But, he IS talking about WHEN THE GAME COMES OUT, so he may make a new thread. He also seems to have most things planned out, which is good.


Activeness: 1/5
It was on like, page 8. Needs more attention. But yet again, there ARE many AC/DS clans around at GF.

Look: 1/5
Again, like most clans, companies around here, no color, nothing.

Organization: 3.5/5
He seems to have most things planned and invisioned in his head.

Overall: 2.5/5
Needs more members, activeness.

COMPANY: Chachi's Decoration Service

Hehe, okay, so maybe I won't just start with clans at GF!

So, anyone remember Paco's Design Service? (Eh, Bul?)
Well, this is basically it in GF form.
Not much info at the homepage, though. Looks promising.


Look: 3.5/5
MUCH better than most GF threads. They actually have ENTER button used!

Activeness: 3/5
Seemed to be going good at first, but then I found it at the like, 18th page.

Orginaztion: 5/5 (GF Standards)
Yeah, much better. This was a refreshing compan compared to all the mediocre ones at GF.

COMPANY: Chachi's Friend Service

0K4y.... Wierd...& Stupid... This DOES has some potential, though....


Activeness: 1/5
Blech. Like, 20th page.

Orginazation: 4/5
For a simple service like this, it's good.

Look: 3.5/5
Again, MUCH better than most GF threads.

And... That basically ends my Game Faqs journey...

Ok, Game Faqs Summary...

Well, I can DEFFINETLY see that people at GF do NOT put much time into their ideas or services as we do at the NSider. Some new things, not much. Crappy clans, the usual. Not much info at all in anything... Umm... That's pretty much it.

Game Faqs Rate:


Not a very bright future. If something picked up nicely, who knows....

IGN: P A R T 2:

Ok... Now, I will continue my old journey...

Ok. I'm done. PLEASE, if you can give me ANY others... PM me...

IGN Overall

Absoulutely horrible. Do these people even know about AC/DS comanies?


So, my overall rating for both is.. well, AC/DS boards and comapnies at NSider are just so much more promising with ideas and more. Just don't go here looking for an awesome company any time soon...

Well, I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for part 2 of the foreigners, as I explore the less popular boards for rising AC/DS Companies....

Please, do not bash me for rating, etc.
The clans are stupid, and the Chibotchis have been deleted, or are dead. Could you give me there website?