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The Egnorth, Llama, Human War! RP

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
A long long time ago, further back then anyone can remeber, Humans Ruled the world side by side with Elmas. A thousened years later the Elmas mutated into two speicies. Egnorth and Llama, And they are on this planet for one reason to destroy anything that is not there own and take over Earth. Now in the year 2454.The war continues with Egnorth vs Llama vs Human.
Anything goes except no god playing and no spaming or getting off topic.

To start off we need on leader for each race. Each leader will make an HQ for there team. At anytime you can attack the other teams HQ. I play the role of the reffere. I tell poeple if a thread is getting to spammy or chatty. I will also keep track of the of who won what and make sure there is no god playing. If I say somthing that you do not like or you think it is unfair PM me and I will take it into consideration. Note You must stay in character at all times. If you have anyquestions PM me.
Ok make your own HQ and you will be in charge of it. You can do what ever you want there as long as your on topic. Good luck.

I started this and it belongs IN THE SPAM BOARD!!!

Why do you keep doing this? :mad:
I never took your ideas...You just put Egnorth atack, not much of an RP if you ask me

;) and please pm me of what other things you think I copied from you.
BAMBAM! said:
I never took your ideas...You just put Egnorth atack, not much of an RP if you ask me

;) and please pm me of what other things you think I copied from you.
This is bullcrap. :|

It was supposed to be a spam-site wide contest and you have to go take my ideas, like you do all the time because you can't think of your own. Seriously, close this. This is pathetic.
BAMBAM! said:
Please don't ignore my post I clearly said PM me and I was going to do this before...your egnorth attacks joged my memory.
I'm sure of that. I am not PMing you, if I do that, no one will see how blatantly obvious it is that you are trying to copy me in almost everything.
and still you haven't told me anyways please let us continue in the Spam board so the first pages aren't flame. Also you have been reported.
Ok we have an Human Team all we need now is a Llama team. Also Egnorth has been taken out since the guy who made them doesn't want to particeipate and is flaming the place up.
You act like there are millions of people here... there aren't. Everyone knows what everyone else does. Stop being a poser and come up with your own ideas, do not keep doing this, it's pathetic. I know you think I'm being mean, but I can't stand you doing this anymore.
First of all. This is my idea. I used Egnorth because it resembeled Llamas in a way. And yet...you still haven't told me what you think I copied from you.
I know you took this idea from the spam board. Egnorth is just a llama I made for fun, then you run with it to getg something... I don't know what... maybe popularity maybe I don't know. It's more of the principal. But if this continues, it's just going to get us more pissed off at eachother. How about we just stop this, right now.

BTW PIKMIN please dot poste anymore you are ruining other poeples fun. Like I said before please take this to PM's or the spam board not here.