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The Bell Tree in the directory


Not an actual piece of furniture.
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Nov 7, 2004
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IF has a directory where you can see all of the other baords.

Look at Nintnedo's catagory here: http://invisionfree.com/directory.php?cat=34

Notice TBT at #7.

What should we use for the decription?

It's currently: "The Bell Tree is all about the wonderful game of Animal Crossing."

It has to be 100 characters or less.

The Bell Tree is one of the largest Animal Crossing Forums in the World! We have LIVE chat, many many contests, a money system, and some of the greatest poeple you can ever meet! Not to mention some of the greatest AC experts too! Every day The bell Tree is expanding come join the fun!

If that is to long just say so I can make a shorter one.

One of the largest Animal Crossing Forums in the World! We have a money system, and some of the greatest AC experts too ^ _ ^ you can take out the ^ _ ^ if you want if you want to use it make sure you put it together. (It would be 100 the if you do what I told you.)
Yeah, I was going to say something abuot this a while ago...

Just say something that doesn't include Animal Crossing.
Or ignore me, too... That works.

We've dropped to 8th, too... .._<
How about this:

The Bell Tree: Like your average Animal Crossing forum, with some different twists.

This was just something I thought up in 5 minutes. I'll probably come up with something better later.
How about this:

Talk about all Nintendo Games at The Bell Tree and much more!

here we go...

a large forum with an Animal Crossing theme, of course we talk about others too, come join the fun. Population: Growing.

hows that sound?

TBT is an Animal Crossing forum, but talk about other Nintendo videogames as well! We have live chat, and more!