The battle fot TBT store


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Jun 3, 2005
Come buy thing this is the 100g store everything is 100g
New items evey day!!!!!!!!!!
Dark sword:100g:2+attaks points
shield:100g:5+defence points
potions:100g:heals you by five

More items coming soon
Please inform me before doing this....
this was not planned out
this may be a good idea but it needs to be planned

do u have AIM?
the store isnt ready and once it is you dont get the gold....
has nothing we talked about at the chat gotten through to u
thers no point in it since u can buy the same stuff cheaper at the training center and u can get healed at the topic "The battle for tbt" it costs 15 gold for 1 hp to be healed
FOX619 said:
PikMino42 said:
since you hate this lock it then
Uhh, if you are talking about me not wanting to join, then I don't see how you made the jump to "hate", but whatever. As you wish.

*L... O... C... K...*