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Teh Argument Thread


Senior Member
Jul 11, 2005
this is a thread mainly to prove your reasoning skillzorz

This is NOT i repeat NOT in any any intentions meant for flaming
if infact someone flames a admin should lock the thread and maby make a new one

its basicly first come first serve
2 people can be arguing at once no mroe no less

First descussion

Is The Hurricane Watching System Acurate?

now post what side ur on

if one person has posted their For it than u have to post against it or not post at all
Personaly, I'd have to say no. It wasn't until 2 days before Katrina hit that the weather service knew it was a beast. On the other hand, they're always tracking these lil hurricanes crossing the atlantic from africa, that usually die before they get here. I highly doubt that they can accurately predict the ferociousness of a hurrican until anbout 24 hrs before it hits.