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Senior Member
Jun 14, 2005
1. How did you get your SN?
Zero=character from megamanx which I loved. 13=Wasmy age but im now 14.

2. How did you get to NSider?
Once saw my bro in it and decided to join.

3. You like AC(animal Crossing) right? Whast do you think of the idea of a city for AC:DS?
Sounds awsome, and im really expecting AC DS, wih online capability's, It sure will be an awsome game.

4. What do you think of the thread Codes Plus?
Well, codes plus has been there a long time, and I believe it's dying; why?
Its not as active as it used to be.

5. How do you feel about being nominated for smartest user for NSider awards?
That was awsome, but I think I didn't really deserved it, I didn't won it anyways.

6. I understand you are a sage at The Bell Tree, is that true?
um... yup.

7. How did you get to that psoition, what speacial benifits do they have.
Getting a sage gives you:
Honor of being a sage.
Being recognized by everyone. (being famous.. sortta)
special sage only board.
and lots of other things.

8. Have you ever thought about making your own forums?
I have my own forums. But there spanish only so I didn't invited you guy's.

9. I uinderstand you work for a newspaper, what do youi do in it?
Im the head of marketing

10. Well it seems that the night is coming to the end, is thier anyone you would like to give a shout out too?
um... sure, everyone at the bungalow!!
W00t! I'm at the Bungalow... (>'.')> <('.'<) (^'.'^) <('.'^) (^'.')>
ZERO_13 said:
Thats awsome, Zero_13 is such an awsome user, *is falling in love with Zero*

Uh-oh... We've got another narcissist here...