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stuck in a rut

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Jan 5, 2005
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:yawn: well its that time of the school year where
I now go through each day routinely like a
robot. I need some new event to get me
back to normaL now.
How is everyone else holding up in school? as bored as i am?
( my boredom being nearly falling asleep
:yawn: )
same here...i learned a new trick though, its called afternoon nap in algebra 2.
Meh, if your school has Nintendo geeks who have DS's, you can bring in your DS and play some MKDS or some AC:WW with them.
Bulerias said:
Meh, if your school has Nintendo geeks who have DS's, you can bring in your DS and play some MKDS or some AC:WW with them.
1 not allowed don't want to risk getting detention.
2 there are few Nintendo fans where I am...


but whatcha gonna do?
SysteMeltDown911 said:
i'm not really bored....in PE we are doing dance
I hated doing that... I had to dance with some tard back in 3rd grade. <__<

I just had a 3-day weekend (No school today [Monday.]) The trimester ended and we had finals on Friday, I think I did well in all but English.... <__<

I think I got on the B Honor Roll.


B for bleh.

Anyways, I have no homework and since we are just starting out, I might not have some for a while....

DG said:
same here...i learned a new trick though, its called afternoon nap in algebra 2.
I usually do that in Spanish 2... I like Spanish, but the class is just plain boring... good thing it's easy as crap for me.
well, i'm not really into any routine... sort of, i mix things up, do weird stuff at school to stay away from turning roboty... like printing 187 coppies of that dragon... which i was just charged 7.70$ a friend ratted on me, so i made him pay : D

i'm pretty sure i'll get no work done after tomorrow... i tried finishing my 7 page research paper (i have 2 1/2 pages... and i've prolly stolen something from someone else accidently) and yeah, i'll never get that done... so i figure, why should i bother... if adding to it will just mean adding a few extra spaces at random points, adding bigger words, and maybe quoting something thats 3 pages long... i figure i'll save my teacher the reading time and give him a real paper... so yeah, i'll fail : )

math... meh, i've never bothered to pay attention in there... i'll never use it... got a big project due, i'll prolly BS that one aswell, i've gotten the art of BSing down, i'm getting really good at it


history... i love history, i think i've gotten more sleep in that class than any class over the other 10 grades i've been in, combined. : D

as for women... i'm getting there, i think the "Just friends" idea is for the best... i can be a myself, and not have to do anything formal... : D

yay... ok, now you all know my school updates... sweet...
I get homework every day! AND TONS OF IT! Im big on the whole "procrastination" thing...So i still have a 3 page paper to write by monday and I have algebra homework, geography homework, and health...

You guys are lucky compared to waht I have to do! :mad: :mad: :mad:
For me I dont get too much homework I have history it awsome because the teacher, :mad: Health:mad: I hate health!, English not bad but boring, science allright, math pretty cool easy and cool teacher, art ok but has racist teacher im not joking she is, computer lituratre its cool.
Wow, I don't get much homework at all, if any, the most I get is like a nhours worth of homework. I'll give you the updates on my end of the alcove for school.

English - Decent class, very easy for me, gets boring sometimes though.

Math - Another decent class, I sit at the back, so I screw around mostly with my friends who sit near me, and pursue the girl I like in this class

Music Tech - In this class, you have a keyboard, and you get to make music and stuff, yeah, this is a damn cool class

Computer Graphics - I'm in comp gfx 2 right now, a great class, my teacher can be a real *censored* though when he wants to be though, we're allowed to listen to music, so me and my friend go online, and download music while we do our work alot of the time

World Civ - Probably one of the funniest classes i'm in, everyone accept me, and a select few act like complete goons, and my teachers tells funny stories, like the time in france where he ate Bull's Balls

Biology - Ugh, I hate Bio, my bio teacher is a *censored*, and the people in there are little pricks accept like 2 or 3 people who are my friends, I have a suspicion that my teacher smokes weed...But thats another story.

Women...Well, i've had a lot of women fighting over me, it's died down some, but it's perked right up again, but the 'Just Friends' thing is the way im boogying right now though...

Thats the scoop on my end of the school alcove.
I bring my DS to school and play some MKDS or SM64 with them. It really takes the mind off of getting of the bus and walking through 26 F degree weather. I fell asleep during class once, but that's because I have insomnia. I'm trying to not fail Japanese.

:p I only have one missing assignment now.


Oh yhea, my math teacher got fired... thank God! :ph43r:
*sigh* Two words: Middle School.
Science- My science teachers (Yes, I said teacherS. Plural.) Pwn. They are funny, dont give alot of homework, and tell hilarious stories... (Like the one where she told us her kids thought that light reflected off of her watch is called "Shadow". Creepy, I know. But, funny.)
Math- Math teacher is ok, he gives homework almost every day, but it's simple enough and doesn't take much time. He's funny too.
Reading: One word: Boring.
Engrish: See Reading.
Art: See Engrish.
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