Star Wars Rogue Squadron


Retired Staff
Dec 2, 2004
Which Rogue Squadron game was your favorite? What do you think about these games in general? Is there anything that you think Lucas Arts could improve on to make these games even better?
Like you said before, the walking character levels could be improved. But it's not a shooter, so mabe not.
I always get the new star wars games and i love them. It would be cool if they made just a foot soldier one though where you could choose between the rebels and the imperials because the imperial are alot better.
Its a very good game. I played it at my cousin's house and it was awesome. I might buy an XBOX just for that and the Halo games.
This is the game cube section not the PS2 section. Let's stay of topic and stay with the boards.
I was just talking about about that i had battle front for the ps2 storm likes the game so i just was talking about how good the game is.
yah, but i liked the single player on rs II. I just hatyed one level where you were a y-wing an bombed a place with trains that was very annoying.