Soda flavors... Not the original.

I don’t like most soda, however, I have tried some flavors that are pretty good. Orange Vanilla Coke is fruity and creamy, which is a yummy combination. I think I had a cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper one summer that I enjoyed. Otherwise, I’d say any orange soda.
I love the sodas that some people say are medicinal tasting like Dr Pepper, Root beer or anything cherry, basically. I find them way more interesting tasting than just plain orange flavoured or plain lemon flavoured sodas which just taste like fruit to me.

Since I'm from New Zealand though, we don't have anywhere near as much choice when it comes to sodas and flavours. If I want any of those drinks, you can only buy them in cans that are imported. Probably my favourite soda you can easily find here would be coke zero or ginger beer. I envy all the selection you have in the US lol
My favorite soda is from New Zealand, lol. In my opinion, some of rhe flavors here are underwhelming. More doesn't always mean better.
I think I've tried that before actually - it was pretty good
The orange flavor here, Livewire, is pretty underwhelming. I think Passionfruit Frenzy has just the right amount of citrus. I hope it hits more places because I think everyone should have the chance to try it.
I love Fanta Lemon and Shokata (although it's not regularly available in the UK), and most of the Pepsi fruit flavours, like mango and cherry.

I was disappointed in Fanta Watermelon - I love watermelon, but there was barely any watermelon taste for some reason. I'm wondering if it's because the UK only stock the Zero Sugar version, which I find to be a bit naff most times. I'd love to try the Sour Watermelon version.
I loved some of the Diet Mtn Dew offerings back in the day: Diet Code Red (not sure if that’s still around, just not in my neck of the woods?), Diet Supernova, and Diet Voltage were some favs.

I don’t drink soda as much now, but I did like Spark and Major Melon Zero Sugar. I’ve been pretty meh towards their other recently offerings.
Mountain Dew: Merry Mash-Up.

Me and my sister @Azzy LOVED this flavor. AND WE WANT IT BACK NOW!!!

I didn't like their other holiday flavors after MMM got 'discontinued'. I crave it so badly this time of year...

Other than that, I love the Dr. Pepper Cream Soda AND their Strawberries and Cream soda c:
Oh my god, the Voltage mountain dew has ALWAYS been my favorite soda. It's just so good...Plus, it's a childhood favorite as well, my first EVER soda. It knocks the original mountain dew OUT.
I also LOVE mango pepsi, it's so refreshing!
I really liked Coca Cola con Limón (Lemon) and I also really like Coca Cola Cereza (Cherry). I used to drink a lot of Coca Cola and I still drink it when I have no other choice or at parties.
sprite cranberry and crush cream soda are pretty good! i kinda wanna try the vanilla-flavoured coke, or really any vanilla flavoured soda.
I'm not a soda person, and if I can't grab an original then I probably won't bother at all.

I can tolerate other flavors though. I think vanilla coke/pepsi are okay.
I love just about anything soda. Unfortunately, however, I don't really drink soda anymore.
I'm not crazy about regular ginger ale (though it's really soothing for an upset stomach!) but this stuff is really good: