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So, David....


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Jan 15, 2005
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Oh, David. You're a perfect example of why sending children to indoctrination centers most Christian schools is akin to bashing their poor heads into the wall. See below:

Theres lots of scientific evidence that there was a flood. And theres also people saying theyve found the ark, fozen on top of the mountain.
There is proof. In three ways.
Oh, this should be good. I remember hearing about this. Oh wait, that was six years ago. Oh, they seem to have found it again? Great for them. They can join the countless others who have claimed the same thing dating back to the middle ages. What a fun club that must be.

- Every culture on earth has stories about a "flood" of some kind, with one man and his family being saved by a boat or raft (even Eskimos). Many are several thousand years old or more, some dating back to the time of the fertile crescent.
This is quite nearly true! While not every civilization has had this myth, even the ancient Sumerians had a deluge myth. What you have failed to do is positively connect this fact with proof that the Jewish deluge myth wasn't merely a Jewish version of an obviously very popular legend. On top of that, you must, assuming the legend is based on actual events, show that this was a case of divine intervention, and not an attempt to understand a phenomenon they were simply incapable of understanding. Here. Here. Here.

- In every corner of the planet you can find, scattered here and there, a layer of strata that can only be fine mud or silt (even found under the Antarctica ice sheet). It contains the same types of elements all over the world and it represents the dividing line between the age of the dinosaurs and the age of mammals. Scientists all over the world recognize this layer, but disagree on what caused it. Forty days and nights of standing muddy water?
I truly must claim ignorance on this one, as geology is an incredibly boring subject to me. However, I can tell that your statements here are rehearsed ones, so I will say that yes, scientists do disagree on myriad specific details. However, none of them are interested in taking a presupposed notion (that the flood occurred) and working backwards from there in an attempt to prove that. That is sheer idiocy. What those disagreeing scientists do and will continue to do is take this phenomenon (assuming it is as ubiquitous as you say it is) and attempt to use evidence to explain why it is the way it is.

-The earth is crissed crossed with ancient river beds, some over ten miles wide. Where did they come from? Where did they go? Near Vernal Utah you can stand and look at one such ancient river bed. It stands near vertical due to upheavel in the earths crust and contains virtually every species of animal, including dinosaurs and fossilized palm trees and wood, fish, turtles, birds, etc. How did they all die and get deposited together in one huge sand bar? Receeding flood waters?
Again, a clearly rehearsed statement. This is no different than the above "proof". So... see above? Interestingly, while reading about said place (it is called Dinosaur National Monument,) I read that there is a large amount of petroglyphs found at the same site. So if you're going to attempt to use a concentration of fossils in one area as a proof, you'll have to explain why there are also rock engravings there dating back at least 8,000 years.

Interesting. From that article:

Paul Zimansky said:
I don't know of any expedition that ever went looking for the ark and didn't find it[...]

And this is without presenting all the evidence to the contrary of the insane fantasy that is Noah's ark. Here's a start for you, though: