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Smart Tech 3: Intelli Mech

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Dec 28, 2004
Hello, Smart Tech here. This is Story 3 of the Smart Tech Series, Smart Tech 3: Intelli Mech So, without any further ado, I present to you, the 3rd story in the Smart Tech Series.

Note: This will update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If I am not able to post an update, I will post here why and when it will be released. Most likely it will be the next day. (Ex. Couldn't update Monday, will update Tuesday.)
Chapter 1
Release Time

Zooming through space, former Emperor Seth is heading in his personal spacecraft to Asteroid Anul 51. "Yes, now that I am back in my home dimension, I know what to do. I shall release Smart Tech's greatest enemy. I don't know why I thought of this before." Said Seth, as the ship was nearing closer to Anul 51.

Once docked, Seth walked across the asteroid surface until he reached a metal door embedded in a rock. Nearby, there was an electronic pad of some sort. Placing his hand on the pad, a thin line of light scanned his hand, and the door opened. Going through the door, Seth walked down a long hallway until reaching another room.

"Please present ID code." Said a computer like voice. Seth replied; "EM-S001". "Welcome, Emperor." Said the computer as the door opened. Inside the large room, there was a giant cylindrical tank. "Yes, there you are." Seth said, as he walked to a nearby computer panel. "Good, your vital signs are still in living parameters." Seth then keyed a few things, and brought up some more menus about the status of the creature inside the tank. "Intelligent Mechanical Dragon 15. When you were first made, you went rogue and wiped out an armada, but that was when I could not control you. Now, after all this time, you should not be able to resist what I say!" Yelled Seth, as he brought up a different menu on the computer panel. A computer voice said: "You have decided to release Test Subject IM-15. Are you absoultely confimed to do this action?' Seth pushed a few more buttons, and the voice replied again: "Release of Test Subject IM-15 confirmed." A fluid that was in the tank soon drained. After a while, the tank opened, and what appeared to look like Smart Tech arose and awakened from his slumber.
Good so far!
Here's Chapter 2.

Chapter 2
No Control Over Me

"Yes, it worked!" Said Seth excitedly. "Now, IM 15, I command you..." Suddenly, Seth was stuck down by IM 15. "Foolish Humanun, no one commands Intelli Mech. If you could not do it in the past, what makes you think that you could do it in the present?" Said Intelli Mech, as he picked up a small computer that Seth was carrying. "So, this is what you wanted me to do." Said Intelli Mech, half interested. "You wanted me to destroy Smart Tech Dragon 15, my mirror counterpart, that sucessfully dismantled the Empire." Intelli Mech then dropped the computer on the ground and picked up Seth. "Well, I will do it, not for you, foolish lifeform, but for the challenge itself. Smart Tech looks strong, but I am confident that he will not pose much of a threat." Said Intelli Mech calmly, as he set Emperor Seth outside the large room.

"I have notified a ship to pick you up. Lucky for you, a portion of the Empire remained. But, if you hunt me down, you will be destroyed." Said Intelli Mech, as he walked out of the underground chamber, and flew into space.

"Now, to enter the dimension." Intelli Mech then shot an orange colored ray into space. The blast from the ray created an orange colored rift in space. "Smart Tech, prepare to fall under your superior half." Said Intelli Mech, as he flew into the portal.
Chapter 3
Enter: Intelli Mech

Back at home at Asteroid L-1, I was in the living chamber, surfing the Galactic Net. I was reading an article about Plasma Conduits when suddenly, I heard a noise that sounded like a rift opened. Not thinking much about it, I went on to the food area. After a little while, I heard what sounded like engines. "There must be a ship passing through." I said, as I speaded some Peanut Butter onto my sandwich. Holding the sandwich, I took a bite while looking out the window.

Suddenly, something was flying right towards me. Running out of the way, something smashed right through the window. It looked, just like me. "Hello? Are you okay?" I said, kicking it a little. It started to move a little, and then stood upright. "Yes, I am not damaged." Said the strange being. "Who, or what are you?" I said, confused. The being replied, "I am Intelli Mech, short for Intelligent Mechanical Dragon 15. I am from what you might call the Mirror Universe, and I was sent here by Emperor Seth to destroy you. But, I have never listened to the Emperor before, and I will not start now."

"Phew!" I said, calming down. "For a second there, I thought I was in danger." I started to walk away, but suddenly, Intelli Mech blocked my path. "Oh, you are. I never said I would not destroy you." Said Intelli Mech, as he powered up what looked like a Plasma Cannon.
Chapter 4
Asteroid Rumble

"Now, this will only hurt a little." Said Intelli Mech, as he was charging his Plasma Cannon. "You know, I thought that this would be much harder, but I guess you are inferior to me," Said Intelli Mech, in a confident tone.

"I am not inferior to you!" I yelled, firing my Plasma Cannon right at his chest. The blast knocked him across the room, right into the asteroid wall. "Well, it looks like you are pretty strong after all. This won't be as easy as I thought. Good." Intelli Mech quickly flew towards me, firing at me. Dodging quickly, I fired another blast at him. Direct hit! I blasted a hole through one of his wings. "Looks like you're grounded." I said. Intelli Mech replied, "Not quite. Watch." Suddenly, the hole automatically sealed up, good as new. "Micro-Repair system. Something I know you do not have. Not to mention with it, I cannot be hurt easily."

Intelli Mech arose, and flew close to the ceiling of the Asteroid. "Now, to finish the task I came here to do." Said Intelli Mech, as he charged up his Plasma Cannon. "Why are you doing this?" I asked. "Why are you fighting me? You said you wanted to go against the Emperor's orders!" Intelli Mech replied; "Of course I am. I want to destroy you for the challenge, not to mention the dangers to me you present. If I let you live now, you will become stronger than me. I cannot let that happen."

Intelli Mech then fired a yellow colored beam at me. "Hey, I can't move!" I said, trying to move. "Do not waste your energy. The Parylisis Beam's energy hold cannot be broken." Intelli Mech said, as he came closer. "You are good, I will say that, but you do not present too much of a threat to me now, and that is why you must die." Said Intelli Mech, as he charged up his Plasma Cannon for one final blast.
Chapter 5
The Good Norians

Intelli Mech, holding his Plasma Cannon high, said; "You were a good adversairy, Smart Tech. It is a shame we will not fight again." Intelli Mech then aimed the cannon right at me. Scanning the level of the blast, if it hit me, my circuits would be completely destroyed. I had to break free. I started to fire my Plasma Cannon and tried to thrust myself up. "It is no use. You are wasting your energy and delaying the inevitable. You will not survive." Said Intelli Mech, in a serious, almost lifeless tone.

"That's what you think!" Yelled a voice from a distance away. Suddenly, Intelli Mech's cannon lost energy. "Augh..No, not them." Said Intelli Mech, as he collapsed onto the floor. After he collapsed, the Parylis Beam had lost its effect. I did a quick scan. "Well, he's unconcious." I said. "Darn. I thought for sure that blast would have fried his power cell." Said a voice nearby. "Who is there" I yelled. "I'm right here." Said the voice, who was actually a person. "Hello Smart Tech, I am Vornu, a Norian, of Planet Noria." Said Vornu. "How did you know my name?" I asked him. "Smart Tech, we knew about your existence even before you came here. We monitor and study the Earth from time to time and the people on it. I mean, they are our closest neighbors." Said Vornu. "Yeah, if you count 15 lightyears close." I replied, sarcastically. "So, how did you know he was here?" "Simple." Vornu said. "We picked up some dimensional fluxuations, and then we got a visual of him a little after he came through. We detirmined that he must have been your mirror copy, because his DNA is simular to yours, and we knew that you were here." Explained Vornu. "Oh, I understand now." I said. "By the way, thanks for the save back there. If it wasn't for you, I would be nothing but a dark spot on the ground right now." Vornu laughed. "That's true. Now, if you could come to Noria with me, our leaders would like to speak with you." Said Vornu, as he walked out of the living chamber. "Wait!" I yelled. "What about Intelli Mech?" I asked. "Oh, don't worry about him." Said Vornu. "We already have a security and detain fleet on the job. Now, follow me." Said Vornu, as he ran to his ship.

I got in, and sat behind him. We soon left Asteroid L-1. "Next stop, Noria." Said Vornu, excited. For a while I was quiet. "What's the matter?" Vornu asked. "You seem uncomfortable." "Well," I stated. "This is the first time I've seen a Norian." "Oh. We are qute different than what you know, aren't we?" Said Vornu, grinning. "We do look different than humans, with our silverish and white colored hair, dark blue skin, and long, slender ears." "Well, yes. You do look different. I wonder how the humans would take to this...." I thought out loud. "Well, one day we will meet them. But not yet. The time isn't right." Said Vornu. "Now, let's continue to Noria. We're only a few Lightyears away." Vornu pressed a button, and we went into warp speed, destination Noria.

Elsewhere on a Norian transport ship, Intelli Mech arose. "Huh? Where am I?" Intelli Mech said. "Quite, you." Said a Norian guard, zapping Intelli Mech with what looked like a spear. "You're going to Maximum Security Asteroid NI-590. So get used to it." Said the guard, walking away. "Oh, I do not think I will." Said Intelli Mech, as he charged up his Plasma Cannon. "Red alert!" Yelled the Norian Guard. "Intelli Mech is loose!" Intelli Mech shot a hole through the ship, and flew away. "No one can contain me. Not a Norian, not a human." Said Intelli Mech, as he flew into deep space.
Chapter 6
The Norian Republic

After a short flight with Vornu, we arrived on Noria. We landed in Yonuston, the capital of the United Norian Republic. "Come Smart Tech, the Republic's leaders would like to speak with you." Said Vornu, as he stepped out of the ship. I followed him, and he led me through the amazing city of Yonuston, a mix of ancient and modern arcitecture.

At last, he led me to the United Norian Republic Headquarters. It was an amazing building. Vornu told me that this building used to hold the throne of the King Of Noria, over 1,000 years ago. The building itself, with a mix of arcitechures from what I've seen on Earth, from Greece to Arabian, to Russian to European, from Chinese to Indian, this palace had it all. Astounded, I walked into the palace.

After Vornu showed what looked like an ID Card to two armed guards, we walked into a large room. In this room was a window, overlooking much of the city. In front of the window, was a desk, with a Norian sitting at it. "Hello there, Smart Tech." Said the Norian, as she came up to me and shook my hand. "Hello, may I ask, who you are?" I said to the Norian lady. "Oh, silly me, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm A'nunia, President of the United Norian Republic. I wish to talk to you about something." "What?" I asked. "Well, I'm sure Commander Vornu told you a little about Intelli Mech, so..." A'nunia paused. "Wait!" I exclaimed. "Two questions. One, Commander Vornu? And two, how do you know about Intelli Mech?" A'nunia answered; "Didn't Vornu tell you that he was Commander of the Norian Military?" I looked at Vornu, with an embarassed grin on his face. "Uh...oops, must've slipped my mind." He said, with that grin still on his face. "To answer your second question," said A'nunia "You know of the Mirror Dimension, right?" I replied, "Yes, I've been there, and met their Human emperor. Twice." "Yes, I've heard." Said A'nunia. "Well, shortly after you dismantled the Humanus Empire, we had detected the same dimensional frequency that you dissapered into. We locked it, and opened a portal to that dimension. There, we met our counterparts, and learned a lot of valuable information. One of these was the Intelligent Mechanical Project." A'nunia stopped, sat down at her desk, and typed something into her keyboard. "What I'm about to read to you was taken from a Humanus database on Mirror Noria." Said A'nunia. She continued, saying this...

"The Intelligent Mechanical Project was that equivalent to the Smart Tech project, which made you. The IM Project, first started by Emperor Alexander III, involved capturing a wild dragon and infusing it with weaponry. The dragon would also be controled, and his natural abilities enhanced. With this, the Humanus Empire could defeat anyone in their way.

Intelligent Mechanical Dragon 15 was the last in this project. IMD was known as "The Dragon of Destruction". He would go around, and loot villages, and sometimes hurt and kill innocent people. In 2002, one year before his capture, Humanus troops in Shanghai, China, Terra, tried to capture him. The Emperor, Seth, saw his potential and could also use him as a weapon to defeat races such as the Sentians, which were a strong enemy to the Empire. Although, this attempt failed, with over 1,000 Humanus Troops being killed in what was later known as the Battle of Shanghai. Months later, on Taiwan, with IMD tried to attack the town of Taipei, Humanus Troops were able to catch IMD, and weaken him.

After his capture, he was infused with very advanced technology, some that the Humanus ships and soldiers had not tested yet. To prevent his rebellion, like other IMDs before him, Emperor Seth had the smart idea of planting in a Cranium Control Chip (CCC) into his skull. Unfortunately, IMD 15's mind was far stronger than Seth gave credit for, and with IMD holding advanced technology, he attacked many Humanus towns, for example: New York, London, Paris, even the capital Moscow. After many battles, the Imperial Research teams had found his weakness, Nuclear Weapons. Not wanting to destroy him, they made a Nuclear Cannon, which had many different settings, from stun to kill, which could render him unconcious. The Humanus Military used this at the Battle of Istanbul, and they successfully captured him. Seth then had IMD 15 cryogenically frozen, and locked up in Asteroid Anul 51, where he previously resided in suspended animation."

"Wow, I had no clue. He really is the exact opposite of me." I said. "Yes, and much more deadly. That is why we've had our engineers make you this." A'nunia beconed Vornu, and he carried what looked like my Plasma Cannon, only slightly larger. "This is a Nuclear Cannon, duplicated from the Humanus blueprints, and modified to integrate with your system. This is far stronger than your Anti-Matter Cannon, and is the only thing that can permanently destroy Intelli Mech. I need you, Smart Tech, to hunt Intelli Mech down, and destroy him. He has the potential to destroy every civilization in existence. Will you do it?" Asked A'nunia. "Yes, I will." I said. "I will hunt him down, and not return until he is completely destroyed."
Chapter 6
Intelli Mech Attacks!

Intelli Mech was zooming into deep space, away from the prison ship he just escaped from. "Stupid Norians, thinking that they could stop me." Said Intelli, smiteful. "They shall pay for trying to capture me. They shall know the full extent of my power."

It wasn't before long did Intelli Mech come up with a way to make them pay. "I shall destroy one of their precious battleships. Maybe then they will learn some respect for their superiors." Intelli didn't have to wait long, a battleship was not far away. Intelli Mech flew towards it.

This battleship, the N.N.V. (Norian Naval Vessel) Richiau, was returning from a small fight with a band of space rogues. They did not get the word yet that Intelli Mech escapes, much less that he had been captured at all. Intelli Mech knew this, and flew straight for the ship, not taking the element of surprise.

On board the Richiau, the crew was celebrating their victory over the rebels and the capture of the rebel's second-in-command. But, their party ended fast, when on the radar, they detected Intelli Mech. "It can't be." Said the captain. "Greeting, crew and passengers of the Richiau. Since you think you can contain me, we shall test you." On that last note, Intelli Mech fired a blast of his Ion cannon at the ship, damaging it. The ship tried to fight back, with missiles, and proton beams, but, Intelli Mech proved to be too strong. The ship was destroyed in only a few minutes, with no survivors.

A nearby satellite had picked up the battle. Intelli Mech did not know that it was around until after. Then, Intelli Mech said to the satellite, with a deadly tone: "People of Noria, you have had just a taste of my power. I am capable of much more than this. Surrender now, and I will not hurt you in any way. Continue, and you shall perish." After that, Intelli Mech destroyed the satellite.

Everyone back on Noria and the Republic HQ had seen what had happened, and what Intelli Mech had said. A'nunia said: "Vornu, organize and assemble 10 armadas of ships. In case Smart Tech doesn't get to Intelli Mech on time or fails to stop him, I want a line of defense ready." Vornu replied: "Yes sir, I mean ma'am." Vornu then headed to the main lobby area, which he said: "Attention all Norian troops. Intelli Mech has attacked one of our battleships. All Norian troops are to assemble in the Ready Room for briefing. We are preparing for war."
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