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Pokémon Side Pokemon games: Pokepark 1/2??


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Oct 14, 2020
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Has anyone else played Pokepark :3

I think its an extremly underrated Pokemon Game! I think its one of those games that looks really odd at first glance, but is really good once ypu play it!

Granted as your playing as a Pokemon in it, and not a person. So I heard alot of people didn't like it for that reason, (Though people like Mystery dungeon so idk why people didnt like being a pokemon) but I think the game play, and soundtrack is amazing.

I mean you run around trying to befriend Pokemon who have been tainted/hypnotized. Play games with them to have them join you. You gotta go to a creepy area with creepy circus music.

I think the sound track really is a star in the game. The touch of the loading screen music going from cheerful if something good is gonna happen to creepy if its something bad is a tiny touch that I really liked.

Anyone else play it? What were your thoughts and opinions.
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I've only played the first one. I do have the second one, and it's even been opened, but something must have distracted me from playing it (not a difficult task tbh) and I never got around to it.

I only remember a little bit about the game, but I do remember it being heaps of fun. Strongest memories about it include the creepy area and the very beginning of the game. I really should whip out the Wii and play the sequel soon.
I think I played it once on the Wii. I could never get into it. I am very particular about the games I like and this isn’t one of them. I prefer mainline Pokémon and the Mystery Dungeon games.
YES POKEPARK!!!! I played both, but Pokepark 2 is my favorite!!! I LOVED playing as Oshawoot and being able to explore the whole world and interact with the pokemon. I remember that even though I was done with the game, I would keep playing it and I would roleplay in the game, pretending that oshawott was speaking to the camera and stuff.
Definitely a childhood favorite of mine and I genuinely hope that a third one comes out.
I started playing the first one but never got around to finishing. I’m not the best at it. I once tried to befriend scyther and iirc you have to battle him but I couldn’t win so I just tried to run away from the battle (or maybe I just decided to taunt him. so he started attacking me from behind and it was lowkey terrifying but also hilarious, my dad watched and we always laugh about it XD