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Dec 2, 2004
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If you would like to submit your design, please post your design, along with a description here, and a member of TBT Staff will put it into an alphabetical listing along with other patterns made by members.


To make designs from scratch, please open the following file in Paint or another program, and fill in every pixel to make the design -


When you are done making the pattern, save the file, and upload it to either Photobucket, or Imageshack. Then, post the URL in a new thread in this board, and a member of TBT Staff will "officialize" it.


If you have an image ready, and would just like to turn it into a design, please use the following program -


When you are done turning the picture into a pattern, please right-mouse-click onto the finished design, and select "Save Picture As..." or another option that resembles it. Then, when you are done saving, upload it to Photobucket or ImageShack, and post the URL in a thread in this board. Then, a member of TBT Staff will "officialize" it. If that doesn't work, then just "copy" the screen (There is a button that says "Prt Scrn" on your keyboard. Press it.), and paste it (Ctrl-V) into a Paint document. Save it, and upload it onto Photobucket or Imageshack, and then follow the normal steps.


Also, if you already made a design inside the game, then, if you can, make a picture of it with a digital camera and follow the same steps as with anything else. If you lack a camera, then you'll have to remake the design.


Thank you for your cooperation.