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Revised Zeldafreak interview

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
bambamfanfan: hi
bambamfanfan: hi?
Auto response from zeldafreak104: I am away from my computer right now.

bambamfanfan: interview now
zeldafreak104: hey
zeldafreak104 returned at 9:50:48 AM.
zeldafreak104: you messed me up
zeldafreak104: i was plying gunbound
bambamfanfan: lets do an interview
bambamfanfan: kool
zeldafreak104: uhh hold on brb
bambamfanfan: tell when your ready :)
zeldafreak104: ok we lost =(
zeldafreak104: but i'm ready
bambamfanfan: kool
bambamfanfan: how was your day today?
zeldafreak104: well it really just started but its been good so far
bambamfanfan: having fun on gunbound?
zeldafreak104: yeah
bambamfanfan: is it a good game with good graphics?
zeldafreak104: check the picture I sent you
bambamfanfan: thats awsome!
bambamfanfan: Anyways how are you doing at TBT feeling good
bambamfanfan: havn't seen you there for a while
zeldafreak104: yeah i've been busy this summer so i haven't been on that much.
bambamfanfan: where did you go?
zeldafreak104: well i was at my grandmas house for 3 weeks and my dads for 2
bambamfanfan: you haven't been at RH for a while...
bambamfanfan: anyways anyone you want to give a shout out too?
zeldafreak104: i can't think of any one...
bambamfanfan: ohmy.gif
bambamfanfan: what about me!
bambamfanfan: or pickel warrior
zeldafreak104: what do you mean?
zeldafreak104: i'm confused now
bambamfanfan: good
bambamfanfan: then I've done me job
bambamfanfan: any friends you want to shout out to saying how awsome or cool they are
zeldafreak104: ohhhh
bambamfanfan: tongue.gif
zeldafreak104: well picklewarrior told me about the nsider fourms
zeldafreak104: and from there i found TbT
bambamfanfan: he did
bambamfanfan: cool
bambamfanfan: what is his first sn again?
zeldafreak104: Mr.Mayo
bambamfanfan: oh yah
bambamfanfan: col guy
bambamfanfan: anyways how are your forums doing?
zeldafreak104: not that good now
zeldafreak104: they are dead
bambamfanfan: and give a link
bambamfanfan: you seepoeple will click on in it
zeldafreak104: http://s13.invisionfree.com/Omega_fourms/index.php?act=idx
bambamfanfan: and post >:]
bambamfanfan: cool
bambamfanfan: muahahahahahahaha
bambamfanfan: what grade you going into?
zeldafreak104: 7th
bambamfanfan: dang
bambamfanfan: that is on hard grade
bambamfanfan: almost got held back becuase of english
zeldafreak104: oh
zeldafreak104: i'm bad at that tongue.gif
bambamfanfan: but that is for another reason
bambamfanfan: can you ait for the skin at TBT?
bambamfanfan: I want to see it
bambamfanfan: see how it is compared to mine
zeldafreak104: so do i
bambamfanfan: are you stil koopa at nsider?
bambamfanfan: what things arew you doing there?
bambamfanfan: why has none intervieweid me?
bambamfanfan: I'm bored :-(
zeldafreak104: i think so lol
zeldafreak104: uhhh i haven't been on there much
bambamfanfan: ohmy.gif
bambamfanfan: are you going to get DDRMM though?
bambamfanfan: I am
bambamfanfan: I will finally be 300 pounds woot! ohmy.gif
zeldafreak104: maybe
zeldafreak104: i have DDR for PS2 at mmy dads house
bambamfanfan: are you good?
bambamfanfan: I suck
bambamfanfan: tongue.gif
zeldafreak104: i tryed heavy and lost in like 10 seconds XD
bambamfanfan: XD
zeldafreak104: ... now i dunno what to do...
zeldafreak104: k
bambamfanfan: why havn't you asked me questions?
zeldafreak104: that was my sis
bambamfanfan: why am I bored?
bambamfanfan: Why am I stumped?
bambamfanfan: Why am I asking in a form of a question?
zeldafreak104: uhhhhhh
zeldafreak104: uhhhhhhhhhhhh
zeldafreak104: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
zeldafreak104: pickle blocked me becasue i was IMing him when he was listening to music
bambamfanfan: what state do you live in?
bambamfanfan: oh
bambamfanfan: dat sucks
bambamfanfan: what kind of music?
zeldafreak104: Michigan
zeldafreak104: iduno
bambamfanfan: green day?
zeldafreak104: probaly
zeldafreak104: wait
bambamfanfan: nice
zeldafreak104: i dunno
bambamfanfan: oh
bambamfanfan: what music do you listen too?
zeldafreak104: greyowl098
bambamfanfan: that is his sn?
zeldafreak104: greenday mostly
zeldafreak104: yeah
bambamfanfan: nice
zeldafreak104: is he on?
bambamfanfan: let me insert it
bambamfanfan: nope
zeldafreak104: k
bambamfanfan: what is your favorite class at school?
bambamfanfan: Are you the class clown nerd or whatever?
zeldafreak104: uhh well some people think i'm a nerd
zeldafreak104: but i have math
zeldafreak104: *hate
zeldafreak104: even though i am good at it
zeldafreak104: and reading is boring
bambamfanfan: I am the class clown and yet the class nerd
zeldafreak104: lol
zeldafreak104: now?
bambamfanfan: how? did you mean that?
zeldafreak104: yes
bambamfanfan: I am smart and get problems done fast just too lazy to do projects and unorganized
zeldafreak104: well i know i'm not the wierd kid
bambamfanfan: I also am very cinical
bambamfanfan: and fresh
bambamfanfan: but I know when to stop
zeldafreak104: there was some1 at our school that got up in th middle of class and hid behind boxes o_O
bambamfanfan: O_O
bambamfanfan: reading is okay
bambamfanfan: it matters what book
bambamfanfan: have you read pendragon?
zeldafreak104: yeah
zeldafreak104: yes
bambamfanfan: what books?
bambamfanfan: I am reading the 6th now
zeldafreak104: what one is that
zeldafreak104: i forgot
bambamfanfan: Rivers of Zadda
zeldafreak104: i read that one
bambamfanfan: have you read all of them?
zeldafreak104: yeah
bambamfanfan: I started on the seconed book
bambamfanfan: so I was really cunfuzzled
zeldafreak104: lol
bambamfanfan: do you have the auothurs email adress?
bambamfanfan: I need it
bambamfanfan: I am going to convince him to do somthing
zeldafreak104: no...
zeldafreak104: i'll try to find it
zeldafreak104: brb
zeldafreak104: what
bambamfanfan: speacking of which
bambamfanfan: what tatlents do you have?
zeldafreak104: well
zeldafreak104: i suck at foot ball tongue.gif
zeldafreak104: i'm ok at basket ball
bambamfanfan: not sports I mean
zeldafreak104: oh
zeldafreak104: like what
bambamfanfan: anything not physical
zeldafreak104: well
zeldafreak104: i can beat about every1 that lives by me in video gams
zeldafreak104: *games
bambamfanfan: XD
bambamfanfan: anything else besides video games?
zeldafreak104: but online every1 kills me
zeldafreak104: ummm
zeldafreak104: uhhhhh
zeldafreak104: i had something
zeldafreak104: what was it
bambamfanfan: THINK
zeldafreak104: no thats not it....
zeldafreak104: its not thinking
bambamfanfan: no think what it is
zeldafreak104: ohhh
zeldafreak104: i dunno
zeldafreak104: i can read stuff fast
bambamfanfan: well I'll give you mine
bambamfanfan: and then you might remember
zeldafreak104: but forget what i just read tongue.gif
bambamfanfan: I can act well, sing, good at improve which falls into laywer, and good at nagotiating
bambamfanfan: I just got back from sumer camop
bambamfanfan: got in a fight with me mom
bambamfanfan: and got a sleep over
zeldafreak104: i can't sing tongue.gif
bambamfanfan: can you dance?
bambamfanfan: can you do the worm ohmy.gif
zeldafreak104: nope tongue.gif
zeldafreak104: no
bambamfanfan: are you creative?
bambamfanfan: making thoguhts into reality?
zeldafreak104: uhhh
zeldafreak104: not with drawing
bambamfanfan: cumputer?
zeldafreak104: ???
zeldafreak104: what?
bambamfanfan: sigs?
zeldafreak104: i have paint >.<
bambamfanfan: me too
bambamfanfan: I make pretty great suttf
bambamfanfan: I make better wallappers then most on paint then those with photoshop biggrin.gif
bambamfanfan: and with me own stlye biggrin.gif
bambamfanfan: are you good at writng?
zeldafreak104: ohmy.gif NOOOO

zeldafreak104: I SUCK AT IT

bambamfanfan: then what do you want to be when you grow up
zeldafreak104: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
bambamfanfan: i will most likely end up as a great salse man
bambamfanfan: just say wehat you would like
bambamfanfan: you have plenty of time to think serusly
bambamfanfan: if we were being seruis
bambamfanfan: I woldn't be giving this interview tongue.gif
bambamfanfan: if you don't answer
bambamfanfan: i will start typing an auto byogaphy of myself >:eek:
bambamfanfan: tongue.gif
zeldafreak104: ok tongue.gif
zeldafreak104: i don't care
bambamfanfan: good for you :)
bambamfanfan: do you know how to get rid of a trojan virus?
zeldafreak104: uhhhh no idea i hade one once
zeldafreak104: i think
bambamfanfan: I have I think 20 or more
zeldafreak104: my virus protectoer got rid of it
bambamfanfan: I can't even use the internet
zeldafreak104: ohmy.gif
zeldafreak104: thats bad
bambamfanfan: let alone propeties
zeldafreak104: well my sis is playing ToS >.<
bambamfanfan: is she good?
zeldafreak104: not really
bambamfanfan: tongue.gif
zeldafreak104: i have to beath all the bosses for her
zeldafreak104: *beat
bambamfanfan: how old is she?
zeldafreak104: and she deleted her file and copied mine XD
bambamfanfan: XD
zeldafreak104: shes 10
bambamfanfan: is she a brat?
bambamfanfan: mine is
bambamfanfan: she is 11
zeldafreak104: some times
zeldafreak104: yes she is
bambamfanfan: once she learnt to talk she learnt to talk back
bambamfanfan: it wnet down hill from therte
zeldafreak104: she says i hit her when she puched me >.<
zeldafreak104: i g2g
zeldafreak104: bye
zeldafreak104: lol
bambamfanfan: why?
bambamfanfan: I am not done!
zeldafreak104: but i have to go
bambamfanfan: where?
zeldafreak104: bye
bambamfanfan: where?
zeldafreak104: my mom wants me off >.<
bambamfanfan: oh
bambamfanfan: bye
zeldafreak104: bye

this was going to be so long sad.gif

I barely tuched this sad.gif

anyways this dude is awsome

and hopefully you will know more about him now smile.gif

if you want to get an interview put bambamfanfan in your bussy list and log on

I wil interview you if you are there when I'm not busy

bye for now

I check the picture in IM it changed.

I am not stupid enough to do somthing like that.
that is long... and what do you mean I check the picture in IM it changed? and my AIM account that i am on most on the time is funny llama104 but thats fine

i was in the middle of a shot when you IMed me. i almost killed someone on my team XD
Uhh, this goes back to what I said earlier, to you and to SMD911... don't just copy and paste it all... for one, edit it so that you don't have useless stuff. Edit out spelling mistakes and other things not related to the interview.
Whoa ZF going into 6th grade? Wow that's old.

Crap, sorry for the bump. I saw a guest viewing it in online list and I didn't realize that this was posted a long time ago >.<