Thoughts on thread bumping?


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Oct 10, 2021
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How old is too old to bump a thread? And does it annoy you if many old threads are bumped at the same time?
I personally don't really care- If a topic is worth discussing (or if I need bells) I'll post a reply to it. It recently occurred to me that others might find this annoying... sorry!
I think the general consensus is that as long as the thread being bumped has been done so with a thoughtful post it is acceptable. Now if it's just spam, that's another thing. This of course is up to the mods decision whether it's acceptable or not.

I've been away for a while because I've been dealing with things, but I think this event had a bell boom and usually when that happens the members tend to go a bit crazy. So during the events it's more acceptable. I personally don't mind, but it took me forever to realize why I was seeing so many old topics lol.
I don’t mind at all, especially because I’m new here so I’ve never seen the old threads before. Some of them are quite funny lol. If anything I like it (especially during bell boom). But yeah if it’s completely irrelevant threads being bumped, that would get annoying. If people can still contribute to it then it’s fine
I like when ancient weird threads get bumped, like the soggy food thread 😝 It feels weird to comment on such old threads though, I almost feel like I shouldn't be there.

I don't care so much for older run-of-the-mill type threads being bumped.. if there's a newer version of that thread, then i think that one ought to be bumped instead
I don’t like bumping. If it’s a topic I really want to discuss, I’ll create a new thread if the old one is over two years old. I also don’t like to create threads that don’t allow some sort of discussion or questions that can be answered with a single word (ie: what is your favorite color).

I don’t usually reply to those topics since I prefer active discussions. I especially dislike when threads that can be answered with one word are bumped.
I missed out on most threads because of my inactivity. It gives me a chance to post in them. I enjoy it.

Unless I make a thread and someone goes and digs up an version of the old thread to bump. I found that kinda hurtful.

It hasn't happened here at all. Not yet anyways.
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This does annoy me. I started to get more tolerant as I gotten older, but I still couldn’t tolerate it if threads last active in the 2010’s (especially 7+ year old threads) get bumped, if a political or controversial thread of the past gets bumped, or if a whole bunch of old threads get bumped by the same user at the same time (which more than a few users did). The only time I tolerated a 10-year-old thread being bumped was when someone brought us the sad news that their pet chicken (which was responsible for the thread creation in the first place) died. Other than that, once a thread is no longer active for a while, it’s best to leave that alone.
I feel like everyone got a bit carried away with making new topics or bumping old ones due to the bell boom. It doesn't bother me, but it also makes trying to find the more relevant and staple threads more difficult during and after the events. Like some of the topics can be a bit over the top, but I get it members were trying to get bell boom posts or the dusting awards through new polls ect.
I think it depends on the thread and the intentions of it being revived. Some threads should just stay dead while others are harmless.
honestly i don't really mind. i'm always looking for more threads to comment under so i can get some bells and share my opinion on stuff!
although as most said, it really does depend. some threads are sort of irrelevant and are better off just fading away and getting buried under newer threads.
It's really not as bad as some may think. Yes, there are times when certain threads should be left alone (like single questions that should've been asked in a FAQ thread), but there are other times when it is acceptable to bump a thread. It simply depends on what it is.

Sometimes when one feels like sharing something, and they see an old thread with no new replies, they may decide to post to that thread instead of making a new one. I think that's actually better than making a duplicate as that only causes clutter. As long as a bump contains content relevant to the discussion, then that should be okay.

Bumping a thread just to grab attention, on the other hand, is not as good. If a week old thread is bumped multiple times and all the posts say along the lines are "y is no 1 respondin??? pls post", then we can talk potential spamming. Other times, I've seen 7+ year old threads on other forums that were bumped, and the offender only bumped it to ask a question. Like yeah, the OP is totally going to come back and respond to your question after seven years of inactivity. 😒

Some forums discourage bumping entirely (like some tech help forums), and I sort of understand why. In my opinion, however, certain bumps can be highly justified.
I dont mind it if it is about video games, because it bothers me to see multiple threads asking for the same help when it could all be condensed into one thread across time. But I am also one who is also ok with threads older than 2 years being deleted if it isnt a help thread or video game thread.
I know I’ve been bumping a lot of threads here the past several days, but I try to avoid bumping threads older than two years most of the time since any older than that I might as well just make a new thread.