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YEAH ME! when I get it ill post it here and then ill tell yall what its like!
Do you mean "preowned" as in pre ordered?
I did that a while ago.I get it on release.That's the fifth, if I'm not mistaken.
Ahhhh...reminds me of when I preordered the DS...I woke up early and went to GameCrazy before they opened the doors.I waited outside and was the first one in.I was the only one there...I guess no one else was as excited as me.

uhh... you DO know it comes out the 5th... you aren't going to be like, the very first person to get it if you're getting it for christmas...
Ill probly get it as a early Chistmas Present on the day it comes out. My friend 2 houses away has a DS but might not get ACDS anytime soon.
one of my friends has a DS, i got him into animal crossing... another may get a DS... but he hates animal crossing with a passion, another doesn't get systems til they're old and wrinkly

:p he got a GCN last year... not THAT old, but for me having one since 7th grade... its pretty big.


yeah, then the rest of my friends do other stuff... for all i know about them, i dont even know if they play games