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Pokémon Players and Collectors! I want to see your favorite TCG card!


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Sep 8, 2013
Green Moon Jellyfish
Blue Moon Jellyfish
Green Moon Jellyfish
Blue Moon Jellyfish
What the title says..! I want to see your favorite TCG card!!! I have... a lot of favorite cards! I just collect them for the art but .. this is one of my favorites currently!
It was nice to see a card-related thread, there aren't too many of those here nowadays. I have a lot of favorite cards too! It was hard to narrow them down, but I came up with 2- one trainer and one Pokemon. They're super strong in the TCG and have beautiful artwork, making them the best of both worlds.


Honorable mentions in terms of TCG playability: Darkrai EX #63, Joltik #26, Eneporter
Honorable mentions in terms of art: Salamence SM140, Altaria TG11, Ingo & Emmet #176
These are probably the favorite cards I own! I love Eeveelutions a lot and these two are my favorites! I didn't realize how dusty the card holder was when i took a picture of it please don't judge me im not home to get a better picture right now

I got into card collecting a while back but after spending quite a bit and not getting too much, I realized it wasn't a sustainable hobby for me 😅

But the other day I found out there's a new Pokemon card set with shiny pokemon, and my shiny hunter heart could not skip out on trying for shiny pokemon cards 🥹 I bought two booster packs today just for fun, and omg im so surprised I got a special art card!!! I'm already happy just having a shiny pokemon card, but to pull a special art version?? I think this was my luckiest pull yet 🥹


I don't plan on buying any more booster packs, but I do plan on collecting some specific cards from the set, notably shiny cleffa and the shiny pawmi special art 🥹💕
I know it's not released yet but I think it would be great to have a full art card thingy of good ol' Kiki (not the cat). It could be my all-time favorite TCG card, actually! But I'll have to wait until the Twilight Masquerade expansion releases, and then I'll go back to opening booster backs like I did when I was in elementary school. For now, I'll stick with this.

For my favorite released TCG cards, it would have to be these three below (for now,) I liked them simply for their design. Oh and I don't have them anymore. My collection got lost to time.

Here's an image of my favorite cards I still have. The LatiosEX is definitely my favorite of the bunch as I wasn't expecting that one at all.

these three, because they're my favorite pokemon.


i have them all next to each other on my wall. (they're in sleeves, don't worry, i'm not taping the actual cards lol.) i also like the V cards for these three, the ones that came with the tins. (those ones are on my shelf.) honestly, i like most of their cards, but these three probably the most. or!


which i will never get because it's pricey.