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odd Arowana story


Senior Member
May 23, 2005
Ok, so i was really busy when some cousins came over and the 6 year old who I just taught how to fish loved doing it on AC. Well i was working on the computer and she came running down sayibg"Look, I caught a big one!" and i'm like, "In a minute" Then i went up and my mouth dropped open, their was the Arowana!(the zilophone like fishe)
the Arowana is the golden orange one... are you sure it was an arowana, or did you mean arapaima (the really big one)

I caught Two of the Aripaimas Today! It was raining, and I caught my first one, and was AMAZED at the size, went back to play a few hours later, and saw another one, and caught it!
UltraByte said:
Wow. Your cousin is either really really lucky, or really really good at fishing.
I say lucky, because it doesn't take fishing skill to find one.

:p And once you know how to catch in AC, it's just placement and reflexes.