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Notice about Termina Cafe


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Dec 2, 2004
It has been moved to a secret place because of the spam that was in it. No members have lost their post count.
*goes looking for it* Hay!! I found it!! never mind... that was my foot.

p.s. if this is spam, fell free to delete it.
A forum that can only be accessed by the URL, right?

It's a good thing to know what you can do with Invisionfree. :p;)
Was this because of something before the llamas was it the llammas, or something after.... because I have not been able to be on much latly and posted about banning the llamas!

PS. Can I get to the secret board?
It was not because of the llama; it was because of plain spam. And this board is for Admins of TBT ONLY, so no, you may not see it. G'day.