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Next DLC to be an inflatable tube


May 20, 2009
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User Title Color Change
All I know is that it's going to be in Korea from Monday to Sunday. I'll try to find a picture.

EDIT: Found it.
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Yeohkei said:
What... I thought that already existed in the game.
I thought so too, but appearantly it doesn't :r
wasn't this one of those speculated DLC's during the water-gun-madness?

anyways, it must be true if Nintendo posts it on it's korean website ^_^
I'm going to try to get this because there are DLCs that expand already existing furniture series. (For example: Pave Clock and Egg TV)

Edit: Yellow text! ^_^
This DLC seems to already exist as the form of furniture in other regions excluding Korea, which they may not have it yet. But still, this'll go to my DLC collection as well...
HAHAHAH! This is already in the game, Nintendo are going back to their lazy ways just like when they gave you unlucky Americans 1000 bells as 'DLC'.