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new smilies


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Jul 31, 2005
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i think that tbt smilies are pretty good, but some forums, such as masterdsx's ssc have really cool nintendo character smilies. we should try getting some unique smilies like that for tbt.
I think we can find plenty.
Like this green guy why can't we use him as a regular smiley?
Monkey09 said:
Maybe we should have some people find some ill try and PM them to A Admin, or Smart Tech
like i said, if masterdsx allowed us to, we could use some of those nintendo character smilies from super smash center. i'm about to go see if i can find some ac smilies.
I think if we were going to get new smilies hey should be AC ones. And we can't just take them from another forum.
DarthGohan1 said:
is anyone here willing to make some?
i'd try (and fail)

sure, why not, im bored.


i just made one... maybe i should animate it... assuming i could >_>
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
SPORGE27 said:
I think we can find plenty.
Like this green guy why can't we use him as a regular smiley?
Because he looks like he's ready to bring up his lunch.

Lunch time? I'm hungry....

Alright, I supposed I can make one or two AC ones.