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New DS Bundle!


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Jul 31, 2005
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Nintendo just announced that the new red ds will be bundled with MarioKartDS...Article:
On Nov. 28, Nintendo will offer a special bundle of the new Wi-Fi-enabled Mario Kart DS racing game with the fifth new Nintendo DS color, Hot Rod Red. The package will be available at an MSRP of $149.99, for a savings of about $15. The Hot Rod Red DS will come with a checkered-flag wrist strap and a series of racing-inspired decals to let owners customize their rides with sporty numbers or red-hot flames.

Mario Kart DS will be the first Nintendo game to take advantage of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo's free wireless gaming service. DS owners around the world will be able to race one another wirelessly using high-speed Internet connections at home or at Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection hotspots. With more than 30 new and classic racetracks, racers will be able to show their style as they aim for the finish line.

Mario Kart DS, Rated E for Everyone, launches on Nov. 14.
Sounds good... of course I already have a DS, so I wont be getting it.
cool... i'd get it if:

1. i didn't already have a DS
2. if i really had that much money...

yeah, i'll get mario kart though... and i'll own everyone.

This news isn't brand new... <_< I read about it a while ago. Also, you forgot about The other new color, which will come with Nintendogs: Best Freinds I think.
YesManJr's_Cohort said:
I've heard about that...
It looks and sounds really awesome...I've got the classic platinum or whatever the heck they call it now.
Platinumed-Silver-Crome... nitrate >_>

yeah, really, there are like a million names for it