My dog has, I think...

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Mar 29, 2006
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Well, it looks like my dog, Yoshi, has moved on. She was going through a series of convulsions, refused to eat or drink, was breathing in a quick, rapid fashion, and ultimately had either a seizure or a heart attack.

My mom JUST got in after I called her, and she has taken Yoshi to the vet. But I don't think it will do any good. It looks like it's too late. Perhaps there is a chance of saving her, but it doesn't look good.

D: I have NEVER gone through this before with a pet. I am absolutely saddened that a dog that I had since I was in Kindergarten is more than likely gone.

I'll miss her.

If there's a chance at saving Yoshi, awesome, if not, RIP Yoshi. :'(

Such an awesome name too. :(

Let us know if Yoshi pulled through, I'll be hoping and praying too. :)
it is sad day.

are you on your way to the vet now, or already been there, or what?

same boat, kind of: dog I had for about 2/3 years had a problem with seizures/convulsions, ended up bleeding a lot, apparently. we had to have her put to sleep/mercy killed, so that she was out of pain. (it happened multiple nights per week, for ~ a month, IIRC)

also, the cat that was older than I was (at the time) ended up getting too old. couldn't eat, couldn't jump like she used to, and ended up just laying on the couch. I'm not sure if you could see it, but you could definitely feel her ribs. she was skinny to begin with, but that's another level. had to have the same thing done with her, due to she couldn't chew/eat/move, though I chose to stand/go in the room to be with her. wouldn't have been able to live with myself, leaving her alone like that. <3

edit: cat was 19, I forgot to mention. yeah. old kitty.

good luck, bro. death happens to us all, eventually. it's what you do with the life you're given that makes the difference.

or some philosophical stuff like that.

tl;dr, it is sad day.
Sonicdude41 said:
Yep, the vet confirmed that she has died. :( Truly sad.
what I'm baffled by is that you're on the internet when all of this is happening..

please go be with your dog. we/those who matter enough understand.
Sorry to tell you, but when a dog is sick like that, it's better to just keep them home.

My dog had like 4 tumors, and the day my parents took him to the vet he died. :(
The stress gets real bad.
*Pats sonic on the back* I know what you're going through dude... twice I've lost dogs to diesieses *Still kinda tired so sorry that I can't remember how to spell...*I hope you can recover from this and possibly get a new dog to ease *spelling again I think >_>* the pain.
Thanks, guys. We do have another dog to ease the pain somewhat, but she can't ever replace Yoshi. Poor thing, I know she'll be depressed for a few days. :(
D: I'm so sorry to hear that Sonic.

Just think of all the good memories:)
And don't worry the ducks will love you! xD
I am really sorry about your dog, I know how it feels. For me it was like loosing a family member :(
Oh man, that really sucks :( . I know how having a love one passed away feels, and it's not good at all. R.I.P. Yoshi.
Pally said:
D: I'm so sorry to hear that Sonic.

Just think of all the good memories:)
And don't worry the ducks will love you! xD
:O I forgot about the duckies.

That made laugh, Pally. Thanks. ^_^
I'm very sorrry ): loosing a pet is really tough and nothing can replace him/her
d7crab said:
I'm very sorrry ): loosing a pet is really tough and nothing can replace him/her

I'm feeling a bit better about it: one, because she's not suffering anymore as she had been this morning, and two, we have our other dog, which gives us some relief from everything that's happened. I still nearly tear up from thinking about her passing, but as I said, she is no longer suffering, and I think that gives me some closure on the matter.

I'll post a picture of her if anyone wants to know what she looked like.
i know what it feels like to lose a pet :(

my cat, zoey, died last year. i had her ever since she was born, back in 2003. she got run over last august and it wa so sad. i still cry about it. i miss her so much :((((

edit: dang i teared up just typing that :(
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