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Minecraft is free

Trent the Paladin

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Nov 7, 2006
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I won't be able to get minecraft.net up to speed this weekend, so it'll be free to play until I can fix it.

From Notch's Twitter.

Maybe I should stop being lazy and try it out.
If I download Alpha by the end of the weekend...

I get to keep it forever???? =*D
lol that game is just a bunch of cartoon cubes play a real mans game like cod i mean really
Ciaran said:
Peekab00m said:
FarrenTheRobot said:
Peekab00m said:
What is its usual cost?
Thirteen dollars, and when it goes to beta it will be 26.
Why does it cost?
When you buy things they usually... cost money.

That's how business works.
I asked why he was charging money for the game. Like why can't it just be free.