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It's the TBTTA Tournament

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Oct 6, 2005
The Bell Tree Tank Attack Tournament. I will make a bracket once some people join. It will be random when I make the bracket. So join, right now we have 1 member that has joined. Who you ask, me!

:p .

I was about to do this today but you beat me :angry: everyone does this to me!!!! :mad:

WE both can be the makers of the tournament but there will two kinds of tournemnets a tag team and free for all
so do byou like this idea?
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
PKMNMasterSamus said:
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
Well, soon, TBT Will have an official Tank Attack contest, with a special rank as a reward...
Is this tournament still on tho?
Well, it actually hasn't started yet.


But, it will start soon...
Mino and i made one awhile back, we just forgot about it >_>

i guess i'll join...
Right now the competitors are: Me, Zeldafreak, Lonewolf, Smart, and Fish...anyone else who wants to join can join, because I will wait until there are 8 members to make the bracket. I will pm you guys the bracket when it is completed.
we need one more person and then I can make a bracket.

This is how it pretty much goes matches are in the stars, so the point is that there are two battles of three people for the first round and for the second and final round there is one battle with two people:


somebody -------- winner of these 3

-------------------------------------------- ) those two battle for the championship

somebody ---------winner of these 3

I have to cancel this tournament

1. because i can't get into the game room (even before it was broken), something go tmessed up

2. The game rooms are under construction

3. there is an official tournament.
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