Tournament Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Tournament) - Finished!

Final Results

We may still be 6 days away from the end of The Bell Tree World Championship 2024, but our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament has already finished! After 24 competitors fought through 24 sets of matches, we have determined who was worthy of being crowned the winner of our tournament! The final results were:

Grand Finals:
C:Sphere 2-3 LoyalDragonfly

Bronze Match:
Dim 2-3 ribbitribbon

Final Standings

First Place
LoyalDragonfly (Ha-Cha!)

Second Place
C:Sphere (Poyo Puffs)

Third Place
ribbitribbon (Ha-Cha!)

Fourth Place
Dim (Ha-Cha!)

Mr.Fox, Zerous, Midoriya, nerfeddude

Second Round Finishers
-Blue-, Halloqueen, Venn, .: Meri :., digimon, LambdaDelta, Foreverfox, rosetti

First Round Finishers
Jhine7, Mars Adept, Coach, VillageDweller, BungoTheElf, Yanrima~, Rio_, Flyffel

The final bracket can be viewed on Challonge by clicking here.

Congratulations to @LoyalDragonfly on your hard-fought first place, and to @C:Sphere and @ribbitribbon for their well deserved placements! You each fought very well and earned your spots in the top 3 of this tournament! All points have now been distributed, and your trophy collectibles and bells will be distributed after the Closing Ceremony of TBTWC 2024!

To everyone else, well done! No matter where you finished and how many matches you won, you were all brave enough to sign-up and represent your team in this tournament! I know you made each of them proud! I hope you were all able to have fun and enjoy the matches you played, no matter how the outcomes may have turned out! 🥳