I'm looking for friends!


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I've started my game about 3 days ago, and I'm bored playing by myself. My town's name is Gondor, and my character is called Faramir. I have a lot of neighbors, but my landscape is kinda messy, though. (Hope that doesn't turn you off... :p) The fishing is great here. Finally, my house has the first expansion and the town has a Nook 'n Go. Please send me a reply or a message! I'm practically dying of boredom! :lol:
I'm bored. anyone want to add mea and play just pm me

ACWW town limbo
Acww name niko
Acww code is 111729844810
I added you on my list. I have added all I can find in here. In another message you did not say your name was Faramir but Tom_Nook92. You should fix that.

I keep my gate open and I had this for 3 days now too. Only one person came in the morning. He got Fruits from me and he left a message on my board


I asked if I could go to his town and he open his gate. I got fruits from his place too and then we started to play tag but something happend and disconneted but it saved and I sold the fruits I got for a lot more Bells then my own town fruits are. That's what's very good going to some one else town.

I try and keep my gate open 24 hours a day and close it just for a little to check if some one else's gate is open. I only seen it one time when I went to Kloud's town. So I know now a little how the Wi-Fi works. I don't have any one else to play with and this is why Wi-Fi is so good.

My gate is open now and I will keep it open all night and in the morning too. I have Apple's in my town. I will not have it open after 1:15pm my time because I going to work with it to test the chat with some one else that has a DS. I get home from work a little after 10pm and that's when I will open the gate again.

-Raymond Day