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If you have several islands, answer these little questions... or imagine if you had several! Thread for everyone!

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Pan of Lilydew
Feb 22, 2020
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Here is today's thread! Two today because yesterday I didn't have the courage to think. So here's the first one... as I stated in the title, do you have two (or more) islands? That means two Nintendo Switch? :eek:

Answer these simple little questions:
- What did you want different in the map (fruit, color of the airport, river, flowers, plaza)? Or on the contrary, did you want something similar?
- Did you have a theme in mind for variety, different villagers? In itself, why have two or more islands?

Of course, if you don't have two Switch and two islands, imagine and answer the little questions too. It's cool to dream!

For my part, I have three Switch (the first is "normal", the second a yellow Lite bought last week, the last an Animal Crossing Lite which arrived yesterday) and therefore I will have three potential islands!
I would like everything to vary at the river level: a double south, an east, a west... Of course, I want three different airport colors and three different fruits. There is plenty to do!
The villagers will also vary. I like a lot of characters in this game, they are so cute! So I made my little lists. Lots of normal villagers otherwise.
For the theme, the first will be Asian, the second will be fairycore/cottagecore and the third... I don't know yet! But I will ask for your help soon I think to help me find what interests me!

Your turn! ✨
I forget to ask about the peninsula, but you can also answer to that. I have the bid round one, and I'm pretty happy right now. I really wanted this peninsula fort the first island (even if a this time I wasn't planning for more islands), so the following ones, I don't really care. It's not a criterion. But I would like different one of course, as always!
I found this thread while browsing the forums so I figured I'd post there.

Just today I started a second island on my sister's Switch (and I have to find a way to keep it intact before she she wipes it off the face of the earth :p). I named my island Kitakami, after the region in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC.
- What did you want different in the map (fruit, color of the airport, river, flowers, plaza)? Or on the contrary, did you want something similar?
I wanted my Kitakami to be completely different from Westward, my first island, while looking similar to the region it is based on, so while I was glad with my desicion for the layout, I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that its native fruit was oranges, like in Westward, instead of apples. I'll have to import Westwardian apples to Kitakami some time.
- Did you have a theme in mind for variety, different villagers? In itself, why have two or more islands?
I plan to make my island look like Kitakami, complete with a Festival of Masks and a Dreaded Den and other things. Most of the villagers will ideally have a Japanese aesthetic and some be based on characters in The Teal Mask.

I decided to have two islands because I wanted a fresh start and I didn't want to delete Westward. I also saw that other people were doing it so I thought to myself, why not?
I would LOVE to have another island! I can only dream...

I think I'd keep one island fairly minimalist, maybe one designed for easy day-to-day stuff, actual playing. So like, a neighborhood with villagers in one local area, a rock garden, plenty of fishing areas, and all the shops somewhat central. And maybe design it so I could switch up the decorations/theme without too much trouble when seasons or holidays change.

If I had a second island I'd probably go with a cottagecore theme, which i love. It would be way more decorated.
You know, I was kind of thinking about it. I could just buy a switch lite instead but I still find the costs to be pretty steep.

I think I'd like to have a different color airport, like the green one. Also having a west to east/south river would be neat. For theme, I'd like to try an urban island but more of a small town than a downtown city. Especially because we have all the medieval walls to play with; I could still incorporate greenery and such.
I have two switches so two islands. I wanted to get a second island to have different villagers. Also to try out different themes. My main island doesn’t have a theme and the villagers are pretty much set. So I wanted to see different villagers.
I also wanted a different airport color. I have been restarting my second island every year just because I love the beginning of the game.
I didn't actively think about map resetting for certain features for my current and only island, so I'd likely spend some time doing that if I had a second switch and island. At least enough resetting for an island that is different from what I currently have. Here would be my preferences for the next island:

- Airport that's blue (I currently have orange, which is my favourite. Blue is my next preferred color)
- Resident services far away from airport
- Any fruit other than cherries, but I'd prefer oranges
- I don't strong river preferences, just no double south facing exits.
- Villagers wouldn't matter because I don't typically curate it that much, but definitely 100% different to the villagers I have currently.
- Probably design a specific theme. I've always wanted to have a Fantasy Life inspired town ever since New Leaf! That or some kind of more forest or nature-oriented theme since my current is a small town/city.
I've somewhat considered making a second island since my husband has a switch and doesn't play animal crossing. But idk, I'm a bit put off by how much work cataloguing furniture would be, let alone the rest of the game. BUt as far as the questions go:

- I'd want a different airport color for sure... maybe green or orange. Oh and I'd want the longer pier
- I'd try to make a completely different theme to my current island.. maybe a city theme or a horror theme. Different villagers too! I miss Merengue lmao
I sadly only have one Island. I wish I had more.
Mainly for new themes and villagers. My only Island, Ataraxia, I was thinking the theme would be, like a small abandoned town in the front of the Island, with overgrown forest, fairy feel more in the back.

I have other Island ideas, I would love to work on. One or two being using the hero villagers, making a town with them, and then a sort of old town so I can use the knight villagers. Another big idea I had was making a 'love' Island, where all the villagers on this Island are very unpopular, but also I ship with other unpopular villagers.
This idea I would probably stream, just so others can get a fill on villagers they probably would never try, maybe in the end they may become a lil' popular probably?

So, yeah I would love to work on different themes. But my main focus is trying out new villagers, which I am slow at doing on my own Island, because I have so many I don't want to leave yet.
I was planning on having Vivian leave, even know she's been fantastic. But it's been so hard to let her leave. And no one recently has asked to leave either.