i need your helpz

Say Whaaaaa

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Jun 15, 2010
Dragon Tokens
Will you guys bid this up too $125? I will give you all my TBT bells!!

Don't worry i bet someone will outbid you!

I just need some money!

Also check out my fallout 3 Auction!

Pretty please
Hahaha, sorry... but a forum currency that doesn't mean a damn thing, for us buying your used PSP? No thanks
"I paid within 1 hour of winning this bid, seller never sent item & relisted kwik"

Of course we would! Knowing that this is a relisted item that was suppose to be sent already!
Say Whaaaaa said:
I just want you too pretend bid
no because then we would have to pay because no one is *censored.3.0*ing stupid enough to buy it.

*Pretends to bid*.
Hey, you said to pretend to bid.
Say Whaaaaa said:
I just want you too pretend bid
Say Whaaaaa said:
Not really i could just relist it
No, because it's still going to cost us money. And we're not going to see what we bought.
I'm sure you've tried this before, but it's not going to work here.