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I don't know what to do...

Furry Sparks

Senior Member
Mar 28, 2005
well in 1st grade i hade a friend and he was in my class everyear exept 5th. then he made a new friend but we were still friends. Next year was ok for the 1st half but he made some new friends. Then they started to make fun of me and the 1st friend i had was making fun of me too, but then he would say stuff like arn't i so nice. And if i said no he would be like when? When i said stop making fun of me he said when do i do that? So i couldn't tell if he was my freind. So next year some one of his friends i really hate was really making fun of me. Well today on AIM i made a new sn and IMed him. he thought i was one of his friends that makes fun of me. i pretended i was him and i got him to say the only reason he talks to me is to make fun of me. So i blocked him. But he follows me on fourms, types in zeldafreak104 on google and makes fun of me there so.... should i get my sn chaged?
no and seriously follow the advice i gave on AIM

friends change

1 in a milion times do they change back

so if he starts hating u hes not going to go back

stand up for urself

and follow the instructions i gave u a coup days ago
That friend is really mean! What a jerk! He was your best friend for so many years and he went to some popular kids to hang out with and make fun of you. Just ask him what's so wrong with liking whatever he is making fun of you about and try to be his friend, but like PoD said he probably won't change. I wish you good luck.

Edit: You have a lot of friends here, so you are never alone.