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How many red envelopes do you have?


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Sep 9, 2014
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I can’t count how many envelopes I sent, but I do know how many envelopes I own. I currently have 25.

How many do you have in your inventory?
I have 62! I've given out a few as well or sent/received them as currency, but I did a lot of 1:1 trading so I wouldn't lose too much of my collectible funds in the end. I'll definitely keep some (~5-10, most likely), but the rest I plan on selling back after the Lunar New Year celebration ends.
Not that many. I have 29, sent 33. I wasn't too rich at the start. Now I'm broke until sellback, lol.

But I'm thinking about not selling them all back, because...they look nice!
I have 10 so far.
I sent out 29 out so far.
I don't plan on keeping any and will be doing sell backs. Hopefully we will reach the 2000 goal since so many are wanting those wands. I'm just hoping for the yellow crescent moon from my cookie lol.
i have 38, no clue how much i've sent. i plan on emptying the rest of my bells tomorrow since i work on saturday.
I have 16 and sent out 9. Granted, I was never a really wealthy user to begin with so I expected give less and receive less than most.
I only have one. I don’t really want to participate in this event, so I don’t care how many I have or don’t have.
I have three red envelopes, and I believe I've sent three as well. I should be able to get enough TBT to send at least one more, and if we reach 1500 then I should be able to send another with the TBT we get from that!
I’m too lazy to go to my Transactions Log and count how many I’ve sent out, but I’ve so far received 31 Red Envelopes! That’s honestly way more than I was expecting to receive considering how little I was participating in the event when it first started, but I’m so grateful to everyone who thought to send me one, and who was patient with me when I sometimes took a bit to return the favour. ❤️

I’ve actually been able to rack up some TBT from posting the past few days, so I have enough to do some more envelope exchanges if anyone isn’t completely broke still! 😂 Feel free to react to this or send me an envelope, and I’ll happily return the favour. 🫶 Even if we aren’t able to unlock the heart and star wands, I’m confident that we’ll at least be able to unlock the flower wands!
I currently have 5 red envelopes in my inventory and I expect that it'll probably stay that way unless someone, or multiple someones, feel generous with giveaways before the end of the event. There aren't that many topics left for me to add any posts of any substance to, and the TBT I have left are going toward a row of Starry Sky Scenery collectibles. Maybe I can scrounge up enough TBT through posting for one more exchange, but not sure, and I kind of doubt it.

As for how many red envelopes I've sent, that would be 5 as well.
I have 16. I started with just enough tbt to be able to send one back so mine are mostly from people being really generous with sending them out
I have 7 right now, but I fully intend to swap some more. I didn't have much tbt to start with at the beginning of the event so doing my best.