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How long has it been since you haved played AC?

Actually, I lost my old copy of the game. So I bought a new one like two months ago and started getting really into it....But now since I got Wild World, I havent played it since.

Now your making me want to play it....the good old times......
i play everyday because yea i don't even have a ds and thatss the only thing close and yea well i can pay off all my debt and get a statue and all so yea everyday i have to start a new account. yea so that like sucks...
oh man i think last time i played it was like a year and a half ago. I dont even wanna know how many weeds are in my town right now lol.
2 and a half, almost 3 years for me, I probably have more weeds than I care to count, and my house is probably full of cockroaches...That town is probably a big mess by now.
Nintendo_Guru said:
I booted up the game today for the first time in months. The grass is now so long you could breed Pokemon in it... :lol:

thats... nice...

yeah, uhh... imagery...