hey guy's. I made it here!

Ok, when you first came there werent many people on. You'll just have to wait a little. And once its '05 more people will come.
BAMBAM! said:
I bumped it just so you know.....

does this serve a purpose... you really need to knock it off... seriously, your saying "i'm going to quit spamming" yeah right... all i've seen is spam... spam spam spam. thats all you do now.

i would ask you to stop, but whats the point. you know its against the rules, but continue to do it, pretending you dont know what you are doing... you either really dont, and you forget everything you learn, or, you love it too much to stop.

for the last bloody time, knock it off... or i will be forced, for the good of this forum, to vote for your IP's Ban. (of course, that decision would be made by an admin, not myself.)