Hello everyone!


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Sep 23, 2023
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Hi! My name is Ren. I live in the philippines. I bought a used 3ds as a gift for my birthday and im on a budget haha and to play animal crossing new leaf to relive my childhood memories. Ac wild world was my first game i played during childhood . When one of my family from the states delivered a package including a ds console with the cartridge already inserted. I fell in love with the game during that time. That i always play with it after school. It broked when we move house.

So im new to the game after like so many years. Im been playing new leaf for atleast 20 days or more. My playtime per day is around 1-2 hours a day just to do some daily in the game and make bells. I might buy a switch including acnh if i get a job and make money soon as i already graduated in college. But for now i enjoy playing new leaf . Lets be friends and visit each others town during free time . Thank you! Take care.
Hi there, and welcome to the forums. I no longer play, but hopefully you'll be able to find some lovely people to play with.
Welcome to the forums Ren! ✨ Happy Birthday for your recent birthday! 🎉🎁

I hope you've been enjoying playing ACNL! I've never played ACNL, ACNH was my first real AC game, but I hope you're able to connect with some people to play with! 😊
Welcome! It's been a long time since I've played New Leaf, I still have my 3DS but rarely play it anymore.
But that's awesome that New Leaf still have a player base that still enjoys it, admittedly New Horizons has spoilt me and I can't imagine playing New Leaf now, since it's void of so many things that makes NH Great, but it still holds a special place in my heart. Was such a good game for its time!
hi ren, welcome to the bell tree! i hope you’re enjoying it here so far! happy belated birthday as well! i hope you had a wonderful one. 💓

wild world was my first animal crossing game/one of my first video games as well! i haven’t played it in years, but i still hold so much love for it; it’s an amazing game, even after all this time!

i’m glad that you’re having fun playing new leaf again! i haven’t played it in years either, but i’ve actually been thinking about trying to buy a copy of it again. it’ll definitely take some re-getting used to after playing new horizons, but it’s still my favourite game in the series! the vibes are just unmatched. 💕

i would recommend checking out the train station! it’s the subforum on here dedicated to new leaf online play. you’ll be able to post a thread there looking for friends to play with!