Hello, AC Fans !

Raizdorf Dragmire

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Jul 8, 2010
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Hii ! It's me, Raizdorf Dragmire !

Hum, I don't speak English, normally. I speak French. But I can speak speak English, yeah XD I suppose you see. Er, yes, I have a bad English.
Am I French ? No I'm not
Am I Swiss ? No I'm not
I AM BELGIAN ! YAAAY ! I like French Fries !

So, I try to introduce myself with my words. Like we say in my language, allons-y !

I'm Raizdorf Dragmire. You can tell me << Raizdorf >>, << Raiz' >>, << Raizou >>, or << Master >> XD !
I'm 13 years old. I will have 14 the 2nd August. I have makes a success of my examinations.

What about my preferences ?

My favourite games are Meeriow, Zelda, Kirby, Animal Crossing of course, and ACE ATTORNEY YAAAAAAY !!! Igniari :3 I like a little Final Fantasy too.

How did I know this forum ? By the YouTube Channel ACCityFolk ^^

I begginned my ACCF this week. I will propably do a new game in ACWW.

Ah, yes. I would be absent sometimes during a week. My parents are divorced...

I have not a Friend Code, if you wish visit my town (City 17), I will do my best to receve you and ameliorate City 17 !

That's all. Sincerely, Raizdorf Dragmire~

PS (1) : I like the design :D
PS (2) : Again and again and again sorry for my very very baaad English.
Bonjour! (Isn't French or speaks French)

I studied French once, it bothered me because I was actually learning something from my DS.

Welcome to The Bell Tree!
Welcome to TBT, enjoy being a member in one of the largest AC online communites on the web! ^_^
Welcome to the Bell Tree. Enjoy your stay.