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Giant petaltail help


Jul 24, 2009
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Does anyone know when giant petaltail dragonflies are out, what they look like, how fast, etc?
It is one of three bugs I need!
The others are:
Orchard Mantis
Peacock Butterfly

If you have any info on any of these, please post.
lols i chaught 2 they are HUGE dragonfly they arent fast and the come from aug to sep and 4pm to 7pm and they are EXTREEMLY rare
peackoc is around hybrid flowers all year exsept winter usually march is the best tim to cathem and in the morning
Pokeman said:
Thought it was only blue roses, thats whut i used, caught one RIGHT away
Where talking to me

If so the it does work on any flowers as i've caght one and i have never had a hybrid on accf
You need dark hybrids (purple, blue, black) to catch a peacock butterfly.

Giant Petaltails are big and extremely fast. If you chase one with a net, it will zoom away. The best way to catch a Petaltail is to either trap it via buildings or cliffs or wait for the Petaltail to land on an obstacle. And lastly, Petaltails appear in towns with not so many trees.
twinkinator said:
dylpickle said:
peackoc is around hybrid flowers all year exsept winter usually march is the best tim to cathem and in the morning
What kind of hybrids?
Peacocks only spawn on Blue, Black, and Purple hybrids just like in ACWW. ;)
I have LOTS of hybrids in my town, so if you still need the Peacock butterfly you can come round anytime.
I've been trying to catch this bug for a few days, but it just doesn't want to spawn.

I did catch it once, unfortunately it was done on my second save file.

Is there a trick to getting giant petaltails to appear more easily? I've heard that Wi-Fi makes them spawn more frequently, but Wi-Fi service is dead now. Another suggestion was to wait in front of a bell rock and wait for the petaltail to sit on it.
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Another question I have is, can giant petaltails despawn? I saw one just now, but now it's gone :(
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