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Get Paid To Search The Web! Totally Legit!

This actually works, I have already been paid 50 dollars, and now I am working on another 50. You can register at any age.

How it works. You get paid 2 cents per search you make, and 2 cents per search anyone you referred makes. It is great!

This is 100% real, since it was proven, and I have allready been paid and can trust them.

You get paid either through StormPay.com, or by Check sent in the mail. It is your choice.

Could you guys please register? Keep me as your referrer! I'll be greatful!

Yeah I've heard about this, never tried it though. You just search for words and the site pays you 2 cents per search because the advertisors pay them more for each search you do.
You can search for anything. And the compnay makes money by displaying an ad insert on the page. They make money for it, and they pay you 2 cents for it. Win-Win deal.
I registered.

But can you explain something to me? They say something about 80 cents... I didn't really get it.
And about refferals... what money do you get whne you do it?

Do you get all the money I make too? That would be cool.
BAMBAM! said:
But how do you get the money?
What do you mean? They can send you a check one you reach $50 or that storm thing.

You just get money for searching. 2 cents for everyhting you search for. It doesnt matter what it is.
They pay you through Check or StormPay.com

Yes, I make all the money you make. Thanks for the 14 cents Storm!


You can only search 40 times per day, making a total of 80 cents per day. No more. It may be low, but whatever. Money is money.
Well, I just joined. I won't expect this to be a get-rich-quick scheem, but I want to be able to buy games a little bit faster.


These advirtisements are now against the rules, becasue it could result in competetion, etc. Thank you Mropha for telling us first though.